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Catch 62 — Bad News — Good News

Here’s another Catch 62  question that’s both interesting and sad.  I’ve written about this subject before, Catch 62, but many haven’t seen it.  Worse yet, some know about it but fail to realize the severity of the problem.

Apparently, this was this reader’s costly error. … Read the rest

CSRS FERS Civil Service Retirement — Harder Than It Looks

Smoothing the Transition

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Work is Love Made Visible.

One of my most popular posts here talks about quitting your day job.  several of my online friends have some degree of notoriety for doing that very thing.  Others are planning to do so seriously within the coming months.

In my case I already quit my day job years ago … and my only regret so far has been that I didn’t do it a few years earlier.… Read the rest

Don’t Give Up The Ship

Famous words,those, from Captain James Lawrence in 1813. (Many folks think this came from Oliver Hazard perry, but Captain Perry copied Lawrence’s saying for his famous battle flag in honor of his colleague’s heroism).

By far the number one reason people don’t make money on line is because they do not do anything.  reading, studying, pondering and wondering when to start.  Start now is my motto.… Read the rest

Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 4

OK, I’ve made a number of posts now on ways to make money on line, suitable for seniors … no computer “geek” knowledge and no investment … zero risk and thus infinite rate Of return (ROI) on your time.  I thought I would do about 2 or 3 posts on this subject but there are so many opportunities out there I can check them out and blog about them fast enough.… Read the rest

Indirect Benefits Of Blogging

OK we’ve all heard a lot of talk every since blogs became popular about the benefits of blogging.  Most often those benefits are centered around money, or the things that lead to money … branding, recognition, traffic, etc.  And a large part of what we read is true.… Read the rest