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Big Change in Military Pension Divisions Coming

Division of Military Pensions in Divorce.

I wonder how many readers have heard of the “National Defense Authorization Act of 2017”?  It sounds like a typical, mundane money authorization bill which we see so many times each year.

But if you’re in the military and are married, or the souse of a military member, and divorce even remotely comes across your mind, you better listen up.… Read the rest

When The 62nd Birthday Blows Up In Your Face

When The 62nd Birthday Blows Up In Your Face.

(last updated 11 March 2017)

What on earth can you mean by this headline, Dave?  On birthdays you typically blow out candles, things don’t usually blow up?

Things Can Blowup

Well, if you’re a US military veteran who is now working under the CSRS retirement system … or if you already retired under the CSRS, and you still don’t know the significance of the 62nd birthday, then you might want to read this article:

Some military veterans who went on to civilian careers in government are getting a nasty surprise when they turn 62.

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