A Pretty Pickle To Be In

Merry Christmas.  yes I am still blogging.  We have a lot of family activities going on blogmeister4here at the old Blog Central  but while the Unofficial Cook is busy in the kitchen and the many cousins here for the holidays chase themselves round the Christmas tree yours truly finds he has a lot of time here in my cave ,,, and there’s a lot to write about so I should take advantage.

Those of you who read with their eyes open (which sometimes leaves me out of the picture) will note we are going to start Retired Pay World off with a bang for 2008 … a brand new theme.  Thanks goes out yet again to web designer/theme crafter extrordinaire Nathan Rice (Nathan was the producer of our old theme, Elegant Blue .. and elegant it was, I just felt that this new one, Deep Blue had more "pop" and was more modern looking).

One big change is the line of highlighted "page" tabs under the header … since I have a lot of material organized here by pages, and will be moving more and more in this direction, this really made Deep Blue seem like a great move.

Nathan has a great blog about web design and WordPress themes.  It’s well worth a look-see, or even a subscription.  I noticed this in a recent blog post of his:

For most of us who started out in the theming business, it was a hobby … something we did in our down time to get some traffic, and offer something back to the community that helped us start our own blogs. Innocent enough.

But as many of us have found out … when you release quality WordPress themes, you start getting solicited for your design services as well as other nasties like theme sponsorship (which many of us fell for).

Before you know it, you are getting multiple inquiries a day.  You are now faced with the prospect of making a good chunk of extra cash on the side.  Sound nice?  It is! …

Again and again it proves my point.  You can be successful online without investing huge amounts of money or getting a degree in computer programming, or "throwing yourself" at people the way so many "follow the leader" Internet marketers seem to feel they must.

Be an ordinary guy (or gal) see a need, fill the need with good product, even for free, and success will come knocking at the door or filling up the mailbox.  Now Nathan is stuck with the serious, yet pleasant, to be sure, problem of deciding if he should devote more time to his WordPress theme design business or not … a business that became a business just by Nathan producing what makes him happy to produce.

2008 is almost here.  What is it that makes you happy?  Figure that out and retiree or not, senior citizen or junior, I’ll show you how to make it happen in 2008.


  1. What makes me happy? My wife, kids, and grandkids and NOT having to work for a living, first of all. Secondly, having to the time to piddle around with the things I do on line and, if I earn a bit with it, that’s great, but if I don’t that’s okay, too.

  2. Amen to that, Mike. We share almost exactly the same interests. I’m making a little money … don’t ask me what the hourly rate is, I bet it’s really small … but what’s important to me is when I can help someone else, or when they help me. Especially in today’s world of bleak retirement outlooks, if just one person can gain the insight to do something to empower their retirement instead of living in fear of it, that’ll mean more thna what money I make … but I find I can’t learn much without “doing”.

    Thanks again for your cogent comments and best wishes for the coming year … to all.

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