A Project and a Christmas Gift For You

My colleague Drew over at MrGPT.com has started a neat looking 7 week series to show you, step by step, how to build a website that makes money.

This won’t be for everyone, perhaps, but it will be a great help for many who are suffering ‘analysis paralysis".  Most people who fail to make money online … whether their goal is to empower their retirement, earn a little to pay for those Christmas bills or even just to expand their knowledge, fail because they never do anything.  There are so many routes you can take, so many pluses and minuses, so many things to learn that it seems overwhelming.  And if you try to learn it all and analyze all the paths, it is overwhelming.

So here’s what MrGPT and I suggest.  Do this one thing.  Go subscribe to MrGPT  (oh, by the way, you are subscribed here, aren’t you? www.retiredpay.com/feed ?)

Then follow along in the seven week program.

At the end of the seven weeks you will have a website that is earning money.

You will also have a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t .. at virtually no cost.

And you will have the confidence to take what you learn in this simple primer and expand upon it, or change course and start making money online in with a different technique.

It is virtually impossible to lose in this deal.  This is not an eBook or some other product you have to pay for and then get a refund on if you don’t like it.  It is not a membership group or anything that will tie you down.  It is just a simple explanation of how to take some basic money making techniques and applying them in the real world.


And here’s my Christmas gift offer:  To set up a website that makes money online you almost certainly need web hosting.  In fact, is his first installment Drew mentions several excellent (and cheaP0 sources.  But here’s what I’ll do for any reader of Retired Pay World:  Just send me an email that tells me you want to participate in this project and the URL you want for your website and I will host it for you … free … for 6 months.  Simple as that.

The only conations I’ll make are the site must be legal, non-porn, realistic in size and that I reserve the right to refuse or demand change in any site to make it meet my server suppliers terms of service … but there’s no other requirement.  I have space and bandwidth available in my reseller hosting account and I would like to see this project take off … so there is one more stumbling block removed.  Offer remains open until I decide I can no longer accept newcomers … so I would not wait around, but do it now.

No cost for the teaching, no cost for the hosting, what else is holding you back?  Just do it.

Once you do you’ll see why I so often say, especially to my fellow retirees and seniors online, do not tell me you can’t make money online.

As always, I welcome comments, constructive criticisms, disagreements, questions or just plain talk.  You can leave a comment to this article or email me direct at: davestarr (at) gmail (dot) com or call me on 1-719-423-8872. I’m usually on Yahoo messenger (davestarr) and will be happy to chat there.  If you liked this article, please subscribe to my RSS feed so you get all my news and views.


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