What’s It All About, This Earning Online?

 Dave, the Retired Pay Editor in Chief I am delighted to see a nice increase in readership to the blog since I first started “re-purposing” it less than two weeks ago.  If you just dropped by and have the impression, “Gee, this guy is disorganized”, well, you’re right.  There are still a lot of cobwebs in the corners and much of the furniture isn’t in the right place … but we’re working at it, we really are.

The purpose of this site is to show seniors (like me .. born 12 September 1945 … just ahead of the main wave of Baby Boomers) The pic is me in front of “Blog Central” my home in Bulacan, Republic of the Philippines.  I was born in New Jersey (of Scots and English stock), grew up in the shadow of New York City and traveled the world for 38 years with the USAF (as to why I currently choose to live in the Philippines, best to read one of my other blogs: www.philFAQS.com).

I have been making money online now for several years and am constantly seeking to learn ways to make more.  I don’t devote myself to this in a full-time way because I do have a perfectly adequate retirement income stream and I also have a family that I enjoy and some non-web interests … yes, they do exist.

My lovely wife, Mita, who may also be seen here from time to time is also a blogger.  She operates two successful properties, www.mitams.com and www.unofficialcook,com.  We both enjoy writing, the mechanics of online publishing and the interaction with people from all around the world.  That interaction concept is what lead to this post.  Many perceive the online world as one of solitude and isolation.  It certainly can be that way.  But it just as certainly doesn’t have to be that way.  Blogging and other online endeavors have allowed me to meet and interact with a great many people and it’s an ongoing thing.  I like it.  And, if you follow some of my tips and teachings here, you can too … and, only if you want to, make some money along the way.

I received an email just a few minutes ago that I thought was a pretty good summation of current and )hopefully) future attitudes among the entire “making money online community”.  It’s better written than I could write, so I’ll quote a few snippets:

Hi Dave,

I am somewhat a slow learner, but when I get it…I REALLY get it.
I just got back from an Internet marketing event which was purely set up for networking.

We were told (as small players in this group of big names) is to ask, how can we help, is there anything we can do to help you? (the give to get concept and not to worry about what would receive in return it would come….)

See sometimes we can get stuck behind the screen on a PC and end up confining our world to what comes via email and the web. Really its just a method of communication- the face to face contact is still the best was to really get to know someone….

That came from a fellow name of Paul Easton who hails from far off New Zealand.  There are about 11-teen thousand and 46 (by actual count) fellows and a few gals on line at this moment competing for your attention and your wallet.  What makes Paul a little different is that he finally admitted to me that he was missing the point and now has acquired it.  I don’t care what’s in it for me, I care what’s in it for you … and if you succeed I am going to succeed right along with you.  That’s what I am about, short and simple.  You can contact me at my primary email: davestarr(at) gmail (dot) dom, you can leave a comment here on the blog or you can call me on my US number: 719-423-8872.  I’m here to help, if there’s a way we can both earn, then that’s even better … but it’s not what life is really about.

I provided a link to the product Paul is “pushing’ with that email … but it’s a free report and, most importantly you can get it by just clicking … no annoying email “squeeze pages” and no other Internet marketing atrocities.  The link as not an “affiliate link” either, I’m just providing it for you because it may help you on the journey.

OK, this post is already longer than I intended.  It serves the purpose.  It helps introduce me and my philosophy and qualifications to help Retirees and Seniors Earn And Learn Online. 

Much more is on the way!

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