About This Internet “Thing” — Isn’t It Saturated?

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A lot of people reading my words here are skeptical … and well they should be.  The Internet is in some ways a “Wild. Wild West” environment.  There are dozens of people seeking to part you from your cash, and those of us who have lived long enough to make it into retirement have developed pretty sensitive “bullshit” detectors which go off on a regular basis when we see some of the “miracle” schemes rushing past every day.

That’s exactly why I decided to focus specifically on the “make money with no money” niche.  Even if you are a raw beginner and are sure you’ll make mistakes a foolproof strategy is to invest nothing … you can’t lose any more than you have invested … so why not explore, experiment and learn?

I have often heard people talking about “all the good opportunities” being gone.  this is a fully understandable attitude, especially if you subscribe to the “Scarcity” theory … a belief that there are only so many opportunities out there that can succeed.  The reason, though, that that is a wrong attitude (and I have the modest earnings to prove it) is that the Internet operates on the “Abundancy” theory.  No matter how many good ideas are taken up, there are an infinite number of more good ideas out there, waiting to be harvested.

One area of tremendous opportunity is domaining … the practice of buying, developing and selling domain names (URL’s, the thing up there in the address bar that identifies a particular web site).  I’m going to be focusing a lot on domains and domain income and development as we journey down this path, together.  Some have read about the amazing prices top quality domain names have fetched and feel there is no room for “bit players”.  But in some ways the opportunities for “bit players” have never been better.  More importantly the opportunities are going to do nothing but grow.  Not only because the world population is growing, but because the percentage of computer/Internet users is still growing.  Here’s an excerpt from an article by Adam Dicker … a huge name in the domaining business.  Alan owns hundreds of thousands of domains and points up some important reasons why domain buying. development and selling is becoming ever more viable.   Read and think through some of his points.  I llearned a lot:

… Many believe that the constant flow of new Internet users will insure steadily rising PPC rates as advertisers compete to reach that growing audience. Dicker also sees blue skies ahead for the domain business. “I am optimistic about the business because I feel we haven’t even come close to hitting 10% of what this industry is capable of. The best way to illustrate this is that my Dad is 77 years old and less than 10% of people his age are PC literate. I am 39 years old and less than 50% of my age group is PC literate. My kids are now 9, 7, 5 and 3 respectively. Within 5-10 years when they get to the Internet, their generation will be more like 90% literate and that makes for a whole lot of potential revenue that hasn’t been touched yet. That’s why I am very excited about the future of this industry!” …

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