Again Some Master Passion

image Many will recall I’ve often mentioned Steve Pavlina.  To the multitudes who follow Darren Rowse, John Chow and other A-list bloggers Steve’s name may not come up often.  That’s because Steve isn’t a ‘meta blogger", he doesn’t write about blogging … he, instead writes his passion … living his life through personal efforts in self improvement.

If he were a Coloradan, people would think Steve was from Boulder … he comes across, at first, as a bit of a free spirit … but don’t fool yourself, he’s a hard-headed businessman who write what sells and make good business deals for his blog which nets him well into the high six fugues per year.

But when i say he writes what sells, i don’t mean he searched for high paying Google AdWords and those typical blogger tricks … he writes what really is his passion … living out self improvement schemes and adopting those which work for him.

A current sample subject is a thirty-day trail of a raw food diet.  Now I am not a vegan, and I am certainly not interested in eating 100% raw foods.  But it’s interesting to me, and thousands of others to read about the experiences of a fair-minded writer trying the program … as long a she doesn’t try to "convert" me 😉 .  And it makes economic sense …

…This diet can certainly cost more than other ways of eating, mainly because it requires significant quantities of food to get enough calories.

Personally the cost isn’t a big deal to me. My family normally buys whatever food we want regardless of cost, since quality is more important to us. Of course I’m in the fortunate position that basically everything I write for this blog becomes an income generator, so financially this experiment will likely generate a profit whether it succeeds or fails. That’s a positive side effect of making a career out of personal development…. read Steve’s full raw food diet post here

Steve’s been into many other innovative or even, in some folk’s view, "whacky" experiments … I was particularly taken by his series on polyphasic sleep … but the point is not what Steve tries out, the point is he does it to learn and he writes about it, with conviction and passion … and thus people read.

Anyone reading these words has certain specialized knowledge.  We’re all experts in certain things.  You do not need to spend your time wishing you had some specialized education, or were born with certain talents, or had investors to back your idea … all you have to do is decide on your passion and write about it … that’s the key to blogging successfully, and once you generate content that is you, that rings of verisimilitude, the monetization and all those ‘techy’ details can follow.

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