An Honest $100K On Line — Wife Quits Her Job and Makes $100K

I came across an excellent blog a day or so ago, while researching answers for the number one question people come to this site with … retirement income … will I have enough to retire on … how much is enough retirement income … how can I find more retirement income … and occasionally just a plaintive cry of “Help”, I’m old and gray and broke. 

A young couple in California were both successfully caught up in the corporate world … lucky? them?  The wife was making $100,000 USD per year and everything seemed rosy .. if you think paying what you have to pay in both time and money to have a high-pressure corporate job is worth it, that is.

Make $100k a year online Well, I mentioned they were a young couple, right?  So quite naturally, they decided it was time to have a baby … and quite rightly, in my book anyway … decided mom should leave her job and do what mom’s are best suited for … raise the little one.  So now that we are three paragraphs into this article on retirement income and making money online in retirement, why are we talking about a young family wrestling with the “Mom work” – “Mom stay home” issue?

Even if you are a “gray Googler” like me, this question is a lot closer to you than you might think.  You may have a son or a daughter at a turning point in their life like this.  You may have been faced with taking on a grandchild to raise, because of the economic crisis or just plain bad luck.  Or maybe you don’t even have children to factor in, but you are just sick and tired, as I was, of facing life begging for the scraps of money the government sends once a month and living from payday to payday.

Truth is, young or old, American or other nationality, you don’t have to “settle” for the so-called benefits of legalized slavery that we commonly disguise as a job.  And you don’t have to fade quietly into the sunset always wishing your meager pension check would stretch just a little farther.  You can empower your retirement right here and now.

Read the story of the young couple I started the article off with.  Instead of letting their budget take the hit of losing #100K a month, they just did the smart thing and set up a business for the wife to work while she stayed home with the new child.

And the best part of this story is, the business is clear, simple and really quite ‘dirt based’ … setting up a store and selling a ‘hungry crowd’ items that most people couldn’t find and were willing to pay well for.

And their little ‘niche’ is pretty darn secure and nearly recession proof.  It’s wedding related and even in the Great Depression people didn’t stop getting married and they aren’t likely to any time that we can foresee even today.

A great read at “My Wife Quit Her Job” and no, this is not a sales link, I am not selling anything except the idea that you are much more empowered in your retirement than you think you are … and your retirement income is far more under your control than you might believe it is.  Enjoy.


  1. Brendon says:

    Nice find Dave. Love the way you think and really love this line “…you don’t have to “settle” for the so-called benefits of legalized slavery that we commonly disguise as a job.”

    • @ Brendon

      Hi Brendon, thnaks so much for visiting. I am trying to get myself focused and make more of this site, it’s sort of in limbo now. I was really moved to take action just recently when I researched some of the horrid things going on in Sweden … a country I have always admired. They have sort of fallen off the “nanny cliff”, where even given so much the government does to “help” people, everyone still wants more .. and at 75% tax rates, how much more can anyone really “give”? Sadly the USA, Australia and any number of other so-called “advanced” countries are falling into the same whirlpool.

      If it is to be, it is up to me … the “government”, no matter what label the politicians are marching under, just won’t do it any more.

      Something else of interest about the “’ folks. They have been around for years now, still making money and successful. It is not some flash in th epan get rich scheme sort of thing.

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