An Off-line Retirement Empowerment Idea

My good friend Brendon Sinclair isn’t a retiree or a senior (yet).  He lives near Brisbane, Australia and operates a web site design and public relations firm.  He’s had a lot of success promoting and building his business by taking opportunities to speak in public about general business topics as well as more technical aspects of his work.  Here’s a recent report from Brendon … you ought to read his blog, I find it a valuable resource and quite entertaining as well

  • Today I lectured university students on using the Internet as a media communication tool.
  • On Tuesday I spoke with 150 Business students on marketing and advertising.
  • Someone else called yesterday and booked me in to speak at a Business breakfast.

Public speaking is, without question, just about the most effective thing you can do to market a business like mine.
And whilst the things like the Uni lecture don’t generate business, it’s a great place to practice speaking in public.
Tremendous Credibility – Reduced Risk
Very importantly, if I say to someone that I’ve just given a lecture to a University class it, just like being a published author, provides me with tremendous credibility and legitimacy.
The biggest barrier to purchasing a product or service is the perceived sense of risk – public speaking and being published both reduce this significantly….

So what has this to do with my main mission of teaching seniors and retirees to make money on line and empower their retirement?  A lot, if you think about it.

To repeat what’s been said here before, one of the great strengths we have as “life-experienced” folks is a lot of knowledge and “uncommon sense” about a whole universe of skills.  The skills we developed and honed during our careers and the skills we’ve learned about general life and family issues.  We have time that’s needed to take the opportunity to share those skills as well.  So that means we can just put up a web site and start charging $5,000 a gig for speaking at influential events?  Well, no, not realistically.  But this is what you can do, if you enjoy being in front of groups that are eager to learn:

  • Set up a simple blog/web site to promote yourself as a speaker
  • Accept any and all assignments that will do good … money isn’t important at the beginning
  • Capitalize on the experience you gain to either become that well paid speaker or to use your speaking skills to promote your own “for profit” online and off-line activities.

Some resources: 

  • Brendon has an excellent little eBook he put together about how he does his speaking gigs.  It’s free and there’s no “squeeze page” and other signup impediments.  It’s here:
  • Tech Tamers and Dr. Jeanette Cates … this site has a whole page of resource links on retirement-suitable businesses and I personally recommend Dr. Cates’ webinars and email advice series.  You can not lose a penny and you may well learn a lot about how to put that “knowledge power” you already own to good use.

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