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Drew over at Mr. GPT is a fellow blogger whom I have mentioned before.  He has a good handle on making money with little or no investment and, like me, he enjoys helping folks get started.  He’s not that good as a baseball  handicapper … “You know the Diamondbacks are gonna take it all.” … but then again, I thought the Rockies would at least but up a fight … so it’s apparent both Drew and I should stick to making money online 😉

Today I came across this post about applying the Nike principle and just doing it from Drew and it really hit home.

…  Here’s a run down of my October income report for MrGPT:

Google Adsense: $174.31 (About $6.00/day)
Private Ad Sales: $75.00
Sponsored Posts: $60.00
CPA Network (NeverBlueAds): $46.50
Total: $355.81

… Unfortunately, a majority of people think they can’t create a successful site. I’ll tell you right now though, ANYONE can do this. Most of my readers are stay at home moms, so let’s take “makeup” as an example niche. You could set up a blog where you review different make up products, which you will monetize with Google Adsense and CPA networks. You may even want to email small make up companies and ask if they’d like to advertise on your site. Before you know it, you’ll have a steady income from your newly created website and be building your own empire…

A lot of bloggers and other on-line entrepreneurs seem a bit to fascinated with the really obscure details of blogging and web sites.  It’s nice to know what RAM your web server runs or what version of MYSQL your host uses and the difference between Google primary index results and supplementary results … but you know what?  All that “nice to know” stuff is like being an Indy car driver versus knowing how to drive safely to the grocery store in your minivan … not necessary at all for the task at hand.

If you are reading this you are likely interested in making money online.  If you are square in my target audience then you are a senior and/or retiree interested in empowering your retirement, rather that watching in dismay as your retirement benefits shrink and company after company finds ways to ‘weasel’ out of their pension commitments.

The answer is right here on this screen, on the other posts on this website, and on a thousand other successful folks who are more than willing to help.  Just do it … and do not tell me you can’t make money online.  here’s my contact info … I’ll be more than happy to help … no strings attached.

As always, I welcome comments, constructive criticisms, disagreements, questions or just plain talk.  You can leave a comment to this article or email me direct at: davestarr (at) gmail (dot) com or call me on 1-719-423-8872. I’m usually on Yahoo messenger (davestarr) and will be happy to chat there.  If you liked this article, please subscribe to my RSS feed so you get all my news and views.

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One comment on “Another Precinct Reports — Yes You Can

  1. Yeah, I’m not the best at predicting the Diamondbacks at taking it all ;). Your Rockies could of at least gave us a game so it didn’t look so bad.

    Thanks for posting. Just subscribed to your RSS feed!

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