Another Time Sensitive Item — Free, Experience Required

image Just came across this new service on John Chow … remember, I told you you’ll learn from the masters if you read them.

Why am I writing about this today and calling it time sensitive?

  • Jobs and job posting boards are currently a fairly hot item on the Web
  • This site’s approach is unique and brilliant … they’ll make money from “viral” volunteer helpers and a proven advertising platform, instead of the complex model of making job listers or job searchers register, pay, etc.
  • Many of my readers have not yet made a move into some useful venture … and this is totally free and should have minimal time impact.
  • Many of my readers have though about, or signed up for an AdSense account but have yet to do anything with it.
  • AdSense is like the little girl with the curl … when it is good it is very, very good and when it is bad it is horrid.
  • Jobs and job-related ads on AdSense tend to be in the “very good” category, so if you get anything from this they should be better than “penny clickers”

And last but not least, the reason for the “experience required” slug?  The model of the IPSOJOBS service is that individuals with local experience will be “City Managers” for their individual areas.  Anyone can apply, there are still thousands of cities world-wide unclaimed (that’s why I called this time sensitive),but think about it … who will do the best job maintaining the listings, cleaning up and sorting the spam from the real job listings and be able to time in with people interested in that city.  A kid in his basement 2,000 miles away or someone who has lived in, worked in, “breathed” that city for 20 years or more?  Put those years to use.

If there was ever an opportunity that was tailor-made for seniors, of any walk of life, this is top of the list.  If I were you, I’d look it over and sign up for your city.  (I signed up for 4 myself).  There’s no cost, no obligation and if the service doesn’t develop along the lines you are comfortable with I am sure you can sell, trade or barter a city “ownership” away in the future … or so Dave opines, YMMV

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