Any Profit From Blogging?

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Did you know that even as you are reading this article there are people making great money by marketing themselves with their blog? Do you have a site, and are you wondering why you have not really gotten this tool to work for you? Are you ready to create a blog that will get traffic to your site and get people added to your mailing list and buying your products? If so, then keep reading and discover the four principles to creating blogs that will get the job done.

The first principle is to have a very specific message which is common to all of your posts. Being general is the fastest way to get nowhere on the internet. We live in an economy now where the jack of all trades will either have to become a master of one, or face extinction.

Pick a topic you are passionate about and have a desire to learn more about and stick with it. You have the best chance at staying motivated enough to blog every day and create interesting content if you are writing about something that really speaks to you.

The other principle of creating a great blog for yourself is to build relationships. You can do it by visiting websites of other bloggers, commenting on forums etc. Staying isolated is not a good thing on online marketing world, it wont get you anywhere, as you need to win popularity in a specific community. How is it done?

To be popular does not necessarily mean that you need to be an expert in your field, you need to treat people good, respect them, build trust between you. People tend to purchase something when they like a person they buy from, and when they do, the price does not matter so much anymore. So keep leaving comments on bogs, be friendly and positive and after a while people would want to know your opinion.

The third and very essential principle in aiming for success online and any other business is being persistent. Blogging activity done consistently is much more valuable than the large amount of inconsistent blogging. Make blogging your daily habitude, add at list one new post each day and people will have a reason to come back. Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic Think and Grow Rich said that failure cannot cope with persistence. Make sure you follow this thought and apply this principle to your blogging activity.

Finally, have a way to keep in touch with the people who comment on your blog. Send them an invitation to join your mailing list or RSS feed and follow up with them consistently. Persistence is a great way to build trust. As long as people are interested in what you have to say they will eventually come around. Just be patient and remember to position yourself more as a helpful friend than an expert. If you do this and stay committed to a specific topic, your expertise will shine naturally.

So get to action, and remember that continual persistence and showing your respect to other people is the key to success in marketing.

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