Are You Forward-Deploying An Aircraft Carrier?

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Brian Clark of CopyBlogger and Darren Rowse of ProBlogger fame are two of my favorite “must reads”.  A couple days ago Darren interviewed Brian about one of Brian’s new projects, Teaching Sells (more to follow about that, later) and Brian came up with a very interesting response to one of Darren’s questions:

Darren: So is it fair to say that those who have been blogging haven’t been wasting time, but rather creating a launching pad for bigger and better things?

Brian: Absolutely. Listen – I’ve been told by more than one Internet marketing “guru” that I’m wasting my time with an audience of bloggers. That they’ll never buy anything.

That’s crazy. Bloggers have done something that most people who buy Internet marketing “dream” materials have never done—they’ve taken action. They’ve actually done something, and that’s huge.

A blog to me is like an aircraft carrier… it’s the platform that you launch everything else off of. It’s the spoke in the wheel, and there are $100-million-dollar-a-year email publishing business models that follow the same strategy.

Just be smart about your free content, and have something to sell. That’s what’s worked for me for the last 10 years.

I’m really glad to see this assertion from Brian, especially since he is currently moving more toward the spectrum of paid content and membership sites.  There are a lot of ways seniors and retirees (and you under 50 “kiddies” too *smile*) to empower their retirement in the online world.  What has become magic in the past few years, though, is blogging.  There is virtually no aspect of online income … or off-line, for that matter … that can’t be enhanced with blogging.

imageBlogging drives readers (who might become customers), blogging drives search engine traffic, essential to any online endeavor, and blogging builds friends in the community … I’m amazed already at the wealth of experience in my address book … people I can shoot an email to anytime, day or night and know that they’ll try to help or suggest a better course of action.

Most importantly to me, though, is the fact that blogging builds your confidence, brings you out of the basement (at least virtually) and enables your fingers and your mind to take on future challenges.

Oh, and cashing a few checks every month doesn’t hurt a bit, either.

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