Are You Making 6 Figures In Retirement? Why Not?

Recently I got an email from my friends Jon and Kathryn at that laid out Five Reasons You’re Not Making 6 Figures (or Enough).  Most of their ideas resonated strongly with mine so I thought I would ‘commentize” them and share with you.

1. You don’t feel worthy.
You’re stuck in a job that’s beneath you. You’re scared to charge too much or just don’t know how.
THE TRUTH: You are worthy of everything, and you know you’re at LEAST as worthy as many out there who ARE making a lot.

This is perhaps the biggest obstacle out there that hold folks back.  Some may not even be able to articulate it, but the issue is very real.  You might like this article I posted on the subject of personal expertise and self perception some time back.  I guarantee that you are worthy, and as an already worthy and proven Internet professional (as attested to by the US Internal Revenue Service, among others), I personally give you permission to succeed.  Now.  Today.

2. You believe it will entail hard work. Or you think you don’t have the necessary skills.
THE TRUTH: In your field or in the field you’re SUPPOSED to be in, you know more than most people. You don’t have to be the world’s foremost expert to EASILY help those who know less than you. As you accept this, you’ll charge more and end up making 6 figures without even working full-time.

Read the article I posted above.  If you are reading this sentence and can basically comprehend it, you are trainable.  Just get going and learn it.  None of us was born expert, and (Shhh, don’t tell the gurus I said this) a lot of the skills needed to make a comfortable living online are not nearly as difficult as you might think.

3. You’ve bought into the current economy situation.
THE TRUTH: Our worst month happened last year when CNN was the only English channel we got (we are on a world tour). The economy was tanking, and they painted the picture that the sky was falling.
Once we turned off the news, we got busy again with our OWN lives, irrespective of what was going on in the greater scheme of things. There are ALWAYS people who flourish during a depression, and you can be one of them no matter what’s going on “out there.” Our past few months have seen record sales, and you can have this, too, as you create your own reality that’s untied to any negativity out there.

As we mentioned in our recent MAKE 6 FIGURES VIRTUALLY Teleseminar (which is still available as a recording if you haven’t listened in already- a recent study showed that entrepreneurs as a whole seem to be suffering hardly at all during the recession. Perhaps because they’re more flexible in adapting to the changing market.

I can absolutely personally attest to this one.  I have more or less dabbled with making money online for some years, but I didn’t start getting serious about it until last year.  My timing coincided somewhat with the “global economic crisis” but that was not one of my motivators.

Bottom line?  I have never done anywhere near as well as I have in this past year and the pace, as I write this in mid_September, 2009, my 64th birthday, is increasing in acceleration every day.  It will top out some where along the lines I am sure, but no indications yet when that will be.  The one thing that is absolutely essential, especially if you live in the US is, turn off the TV, especially the disaster-mongers on CNN, Fox, etc.  It is not as bad as they portray it, never has been … they make money by attracting viewers and they manipulate the news to the extent needed to attract viewers, just like this post about Katie Couric’s legs and other lies that I made years ago still attracts many readers each day to this site.

4. You equate having money with evil.
Okay, we’re exaggerating here, but there is a philosophy out there that it’s wrong to have a lot or all rich people are awful. You see this reflected in movies, television and in the media.
THE TRUTH: The rich are not evil or bad, and in fact, the world’s biggest philanthropists, those doing the most to help others, are extremely wealthy. You can’t be poor enough to help the poor. As you allow yourself to become a “have” rather than a “have not,” you will be in a position to help more people than ever before.
Letting go of this inner conflict about money will start opening doors for you and free you up to go full throttle into greater success.

This is one that I observe very close to home on a daily basis.  As many of you know, one of the gifts I gave myself for my retirement was to move to the Philippines.  I’ve been here nearly 4 full years now, and I love it.  One of the reasons is, of course, that my money goes a lot farther in the Philippines.  But a major reason is that I love the people and their cheerfulness and spirit.  But one thing that drives me really crazy about Filipinos (and a lot of Americans I know) is this crazy idea that making money and keeping it is wrong.  I don’t know how this thought developed … maybe it is a misapprehension of Christ’s words .. people seem to think He said “money is the root of all evil” …. He really said, “The love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10, KJV).  I don’t ‘love’ money and you shouldn’t either.  But accumulating money honestly, especially to help your family and those in need is a wonderful thing.  It’s your duty, actually, not a sin.  If you like using the Bible to prove your own beliefs, then visit Luke 15:11-32 and tell me what that says about you right, even you obligation to make good use of your talents.

5. You believe in competition or that there’s not enough to go around.
THE TRUTH: This is simply not true. In every field, anyone who is good or offers value has a place. The nature of the world is that there is endless supply, and there’s no reason for you not to have enough, too.  Whenever you start letting the supposed competition get you down, turn your thoughts away from it, and concentrate on your own work and purpose, reminding yourself “there’s plenty to go around.”

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I have proven this to be true many. many times over.  This blog is a good example.  I never expected it to make money.  It’s in a very difficult niche, and I am far from a guru and hardly known by anyone at all in the highly competitive world known as the MMO (Make Money Online) niche … especially if one ads the keyword AdSense .. Make Money Online with Google AdSense is a very “competitive” key phrase.  I’m probably 10 pages or more from the top page in Google for that phrase … even though I write about making money with AdSense often.

But perhaps because very few ever write about Seniors making money online with Google AdSense, or Retirees making money online with Google AdSense, I rank pretty darn well for those phrases, and people come here every single day after searching for that phrase.

Competition, especially on line is good.  The facts people are searching for Google AdSense and Google AdWords related phrases many. many times each day leave room for even little guys like me to make money.  There is room for you too.

THE BEST AFFIRMATION OF ALL: “I make more than I can ever spend.”

Say this to yourself regularly when you are having thoughts of lack, and it will help elevate you to an expansion into more and more money.   There is more than enough to go around.  The universe doesn’t watch CNN … it rewards those who work and believe.  If you want to make six figures, you just go ahead and do it … you have my permission … in fact, you have my best wishes too, the more you make the more I will make as well.

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