Are You Too Old To Rewire Your Brain?

Author and financial planner Sheryl Sutherland asks new clients to write themselves a mission statement for their life, an obituary and a letter they’d hope to be able to send once retired to a friend describing how they were now living.

The exercise puts off a few clients, Sutherland admits, but the author of Money, Money, Money, Ain’t it Funny, a guide to how we are all wired to fail with money, says the request isn’t flippant at all.

In order to write the three documents, new clients have to envision the life they want to lead, and the kind of person they want to be.

And that provides a starting point for discussions which reveal to Sutherland a lot about the attitudes, biases and assumptions – many inherited from their parents – that they bring to money…  the rest of this Money Money, Money write-up is here.  It’s worth reading.

I’m also going to set myself to the task of doing those three things .. much as the coward and the procrastinator in me wants to shy away from them.

I also discovered some other great books on this phenomena of ” neuroinvesting , you can get More help on rewiring your brain here.

I’m pretty sure there is something to this … even though to many my age the ideas may seem a bit “risque”.  historically, as we age and reach our “Golden Years” we tend to get much more conservative with investments.  Certainly if you are not sure your basic needs are going to be met this is a wide strategy … but if you are a person like me, who enjoys guaranteed pensions with inflation indexes  that should see me through to the end, isn’t there an arguement to be a little more risk taker than when I was 40, my pensions weren’t vested and I had kids to raise?

Worth a thought anyway.  Right now my major investment is in myself with my online endeavors.  While I certainly won’t make Bill Gates envious any time soon, I am assuredly making money, in some cases with a rate of return (ROI) that is nearly asymptotic.  If you invest zero dollars and zero cents and people put money into you bank account because of a few words you have written or a URL you have leased for $8.95 a year … well let’s just say life is good and it could be good for you too, as long as you aren’t too hung up with that “I’m older now so I have to pull in my horns” sort of claptrap.

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