Making Money Online With No Money — Continued, Some More

For those of you anxious to read my next post in the eBook Answers series, don’t despair, it’s being worked.  It just that I have found so much more new information that I need to test and condense some great new techniques I’ve found … be with you shortly.… Read the rest

There’s A Lot More To Making Money Online Than Making Money Online

Here’s an interesting discussion I came across recently that’s mainly concerned with having a happier life in retirement:

Increase Your Happiness Level by Increasing Your Number of Close Friends

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Submitted by Wesley on July 23, 2007 – 9:31pm.

One of the most important ways to improve personal happiness is to improve personal relationships.

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Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 6

Time for yet another Making Money Without Money post.  I have a tiger by the tail here.  I’ve been making money (modest amounts) on line for several years now but until I started rejuvenating this near-dead blog and learning about this particular subject I never realized how many opportunities there were out there without even having a blog or any other website or making any investment at all.  That’s one thing that is really intriguing about the Internet … unless you are blind or uncaring it is impossible to stop learning.… Read the rest

Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 5

Last post I mentioned a real-world business opportunity with Google.  This won’t sit some folks because when they think of making money on line they want to stay right in the confines of their swivel chair.  Some also want to have some fun doing it.  here’s a website with dozens of opportunities, all done from your chair, and a number of them are contests … think you know how to play Wall street?  Well, enter, build a portfolio with “play” money and get paid in real money if you win.  These kinds of things should be a shoe-in for seniors with business experience … your competition is liable to be bored high school kids with little or no business sense and training.  And the name of the site says it all:

Want something free but perhaps a little less game-like?  Go read this post on How To Make Money With Get Paid To Websites from my friend Maki over at (an excellent site to add to your subscription list, BTW).  Maki has written a whole beginners manual and gives reviews on some of these sites.  If you want online money, it’s waiting.… Read the rest

Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 3

Just time for a quick post here about paid blogging. As I said a few days ago there are many, many opportunities out there for people who can string a few words together and … important for us seniors … have some expereince they can use to write about!… Read the rest

Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money

Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money.

(Last updated 21 August, 2017)

This article was written more than 5 years ago.  Things change over time in the online world, for sure.

But most of the methods I talked about here are still very valid today, and there have even been a few new avenues of pulling in cash that have shown up, even if you have absolutely nothing to invest.  … Read the rest