Big Change in Military Pension Divisions Coming

Division of Military Pensions in Divorce.

I wonder how many readers have heard of the “National Defense Authorization Act of 2017”?  It sounds like a typical, mundane money authorization bill which we see so many times each year.

But if you’re in the military and are married, or the souse of a military member, and divorce even remotely comes across your mind, you better listen up.… Read the rest

When The 62nd Birthday Blows Up In Your Face

When The 62nd Birthday Blows Up In Your Face.

(last updated 11 March 2017)

What on earth can you mean by this headline, Dave?  On birthdays you typically blow out candles, things don’t usually blow up?

Things Can Blowup

Well, if you’re a US military veteran who is now working under the CSRS retirement system … or if you already retired under the CSRS, and you still don’t know the significance of the 62nd birthday, then you might want to read this article:

Some military veterans who went on to civilian careers in government are getting a nasty surprise when they turn 62.

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You Can’t Say You Haven’t Been Warned

This post is dedicated to all my readers who have Google AdSense on their websites … blogs or “traditional” websites … and all those who may be considering the idea.

Recently, Google changed their terms of service for AdSense Publishers … that’s what you are if you display Google AdSense. … Read the rest

Just How Long Have You Been In Civil Service?

Recently we talked a bit about the practicalities and legalities of what a federal employee’s actual “basic pay” really is.  Basic Pay is of course very important if for no other reason than it becomes one of the single biggest factors that determines how large an employee’s annuity (retirement check) will be. … Read the rest

Leave Your Name and Email and Get a Pounding Headache

Leave Your eMail and Get a Headache

I was reading Darren Rowse’s this morning and came across this article.  Boy! did it strike home with me.

I enter my name and email in a lot of online squeeze pages’ and I often learn a great deal of value.… Read the rest

What’s So Unique About A Unique?


What’s So Unique?

Darren Rowse had an interesting write-up today about an interesting service called Izea Rank.  This is yet another “blog only” ranking system designed to help bloggers answer that age-old question of “where am I”.

Just for the record I won’t be participating for a number of reasons, but Darren’s article and some of the comments already made to it … worth a read, by the way … prompted me to get busy and finish up this post that has been languishing in my “Drafts” folder for some time.… Read the rest