CSRS – FERS — What’s The Difference

I promised I’d post more articles here to try to “de-geek” some of these subjects. I already have pages of arcane detail about CSRS and FERS, but darn little that compares the two in a manner an non-geek might understand. Here’s a neat article from an expert that gives a good start:

According to a recent survey of cows in England, Bosnia, Mongolia or someplace over there, the grass really is greener on the other side!!!

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A Week’s Work

As you can see from the last few posts I’m really back on the authoring side of putting your life-knowledge to work.  And books, on paper or on-screen are always going to be a big part of the equation.  But eBooks are not everyone’s cup of tea … to write, to market or to read. … Read the rest

Who Knew? Catch 62 for FERS Employees?

Catch 62 for FERS Employees?

Think there is no Catch 62 for FERS Employees. Not long ago I was skimming over a site with a lot of interesting federal retiree information.  I noticed a headline where the author had written something like “Are You Prepared for your Annuity to Drop 40%?Read the rest

Three Barriers to Your Online Retirement Success — Part 1

OK it’s about time I got more articles attuned to seniors and retirees achieving Online Retirement Success, isn’t it?  It’s no secret that I believe in a “doing something” retirement, not sitting on my butt in front of the TV … or worse yet, playing golf.  … Read the rest

How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money

Ok, six posts on making money with no money in just a short while,  now I am going to talk about spending some money, or How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money.

More exactly, buying and selling money. … Read the rest

Common Catch 62 Questions

From time to time some pretty interesting comments come in here at Retired Pay regarding the good old (bad old) Catch 62 Questions

Today I got at least three comments from a fellow named Dan.  Reader Dan seems a bit upset at the “deal” he got in his retirement journey and he seems to have transferred a lot of anger and dissatisfaction to me ..… Read the rest