Back To Basics

OK, I promise you this post will not be about Darren Rowse and Andy Wibbels "Six Figure Blogging" course.

But it will be about blogging and learning and making money.

Just this morning i came across this quote in an excellent post on my friend Caroline Middlebrook’s blog (I’ve written several times about Caroline in the past, she offers some excellent advice and object lessons)

… If you have something to say, just say it. Just a blog / website in whatever niche you feel like and if you have something worth saying then people will listen. If you want to do affiliate marketing and run viagra ads then go for it! Do want you want to do, not what other people think you should do. In the past I have sometimes allowed other people to sway me in my decisions and it has nearly always been wrong. My gut instincts are always right I just need to learn to follow them more often. (read Caroline’s full article here)

A few months ago I too disregarded the advice of many and entered the ‘make money online’ "space".  A bit presumptuous in some ways since I am not a guru.  I don’t make a lot of money and I also don’t blog about what I make or post "proofs".  You want "proofs" from me?  File a court case, I have nothing that I need to prove … if you don’t care for that attitude, there are 55 million other bloggers out there whom you may like better.  (thank you to those who do get along with me, my faithful subscribers) (you can sign up here if you want to enjoy the benefits of membership also … costs nothing, pays big benefits).

The "make money online" space is competitive, and, in some minds, crowded as well.  But that does not mean it is not rewarding in many ways.

I make almost all my money in other niches, but I make friends and learn the most here in the "make money" space, for sure.  As far as crowding?  Well, let’s take a look.  What’s a good semi-generic money paying "space".  One that comes to mind, especially since I already have lot of information on the subject is "divorce lawyers".  There is money in that niche.  Some quite significant Google AdSense pay outs and certainly other affiliate and tie-in deals to make money.

A simple Google search for "divorce lawyer" (without the quotes yields 3 million plus sites that Google "thinks" are about that term.  A simple Google search on "retirees making money online" (again, without quotes) yields a few over a million sites (less that one third the competition) and that phrase, one of the ones I have tried to rank for, yields this site in the number 5 slot, square in the middle of the first page!  I have other first page rankings for this site … no expert, I, but happy none the less.

So tell me again how hard the ‘make money online" niche is to break into?  In my view it is not hard and very rewarding in many ways.  The point of this "back to basics" article,though, is to echo and emphasize what Caroline says … decide what you want to do and  do it.  Don’t do what I tell you or what some else tells you, and above all, don’t shy away from doing something you wish to because some "expert" says you "can’t".  It’s a free ‘Net, make your own way.


  1. Hello – I have just accidentally come across your very interesting Blog and would just like to add that you are dead right. What do you love? What do you enjoy? Then try and figure out how to make money out of something that interests you – me and my friends did. Are we making money Er..NO but we are having fun and we have created a website we are proud of plus we do think that one day we will make money.
    Look for the niche relative to your hobbies and interests.
    Even if it takes longer than you had hoped to make money, you will be doing something you love.
    Lester Jordan

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I create sites that I understand and know about. My latest venture will be doing what I do best, programming and selling what I code up.

    I was once thinking about setting up some central photo gallery site for people to get their own gallery, maybe even sell their photos on. I was told to not reinvent the wheel as there were plenty of scripts out there for galleries. A year later, Flickr came about. Sure, I probably couldn’t have created what they’ve got but I was thinking along those lines.

    It’s a case of do what you want to do, stick to what you know or learn to walk before you run, and don’t put off to tomorrow what you could do today!

  3. Hello Lester,

    Thanks for dropping by and for leaving such an interesting comment. Indeed I think that is one of the big problems, especially with people writing about the making money space … they spend so much time telling people what _not_ to do that people get petrified of doing the wrong thing.

    There really is no ‘wrong’ thing when it comes to writing about what you are interested in. There may be ways in the future that you want to refine or reshape your efforts, but hanging around waiting for that one great ‘best’ idea is the most costly thing you can do.

    Do what you know and let the rest of the issues sort out as they may … the most important thingis to “do”.

  4. Hi Sara, thanks for dropping by and for your always valuable comments. Indeed, who knows what that photo site could have developed into … we will never know about what we don’t try, that’s why I was attracted so strongly to Caroline’s article. The only ‘sure’ thing about this online world is Wayne Gretsky’s hockey advice … you miss 100% of the shots you _don’t_ take.

    In 1998 I was employed in a very responsible (and pretty highly paid) ‘expert” job in the IT field. I was a big user and fan of Digital Equipment Corp business systems. DEC also was a sponsor of AltaVista, which was the first search engine that was able to visit every site on the web. I read about (an ridiculed) a couple upstart college students who were going to “waste their time” trying to put up yet another search engine when DEC and AltaVista were already the best in the world. It was 1998, the students were Larry Page and Sergey Brin … good thing they didn’t listen to the experts, eh?

    Don’t listen to too much smart advice, even your own, is now my motto.

  5. Thanks for your insightful article and excellent advice. I think as you get older you realize that your own intuition is the best. I think you also get less intimidated the more you try.

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