Blog vs. Website Again — And Who needs A “Real” Job

Just was reading the "make money" blog of a friend of mine, Bob Martin, and saw this interesting piece on that age-old blog versus website question.  Watch the video, it’s quite useful in explaining some things and it gives an excellent example in how to effectively use video … many of today’s self-produced videos are quite poorly done … the blogger putting the vid together didn’t bother to edit out the dull parts and fails to get to the point.  This one is a great example of how it can be done very simply and effectively.

I’m mentioning Bob here today because so many of my visitors are seeking the answer to that "should I quit my job" question.  I’m, somewhat of a fraud (really?) because I have annuities (earned from old-fashioned J*O*B’s) that support me very well … if I turned off my Internet access tomorrow and took down all my sites I would still eat, drink and be merry.  I do make non-trivial money online … more every day …  but I don’t need the dough the way a younger person with a family needs it.

Bob was a ‘standard’ US employee in the technical field with a conventional job, a typical US salary earner, headed for either an OK retirement or genteel starvation, the outcome depending upon the US government and his high tech employer keeping their promises … no matter how hard Bob worked, he had no control over the outcome.

He met and married a lady here in the Philippines and decided to live here with her and raise their family together.  He was a long way from rich and was young, a long way from a retirement income … and jobs here are very hard to find, very difficult for a foreigner to latch on to and extremely low paying … let’s say $50 a week would be above average.  So what could a man do … how could he let go of that ‘regular job’ safety net (spider web) that so many Americans are wedded to from birth?

Well, if you’ve read this far, you should be able to guess the answer.  he started earning his money online.  Bob’s been in a number of ventures, still lives here … and quite well … after more than 8 years without a J*O*B and has absolutely no regrets about ditching the rat race for a better, more prosperous life.  I won’t detail Bob’s methods (I highly recommend you read his main blog, you’ll learn a lot) at all except to say there is nothing at all that he does that you can’t do … yes you, the one who has been reading here and thinking the world is divided into those who can earn online and those who can’t.  The world is only divided between those who made the move and those who didn’t … paralysis by analysis is a much more insidious and silent killer than any of the other diseases we read about.

Here is one free report I recommend, because it is from another "real" person who has a proven track record making money reliably, honestly and on line.  If you click the link you’ll see a sales page, if you click the gold key at the top of the page you will get the product for free, instead of the $97 it usually costs … think of it as my Christmas gift to you that will help you "get off the dime".


  1. Hi RP – Thanks for the mention on your blog! I will say that everything you wrote about me is accurate. I am thankful that I found new ways to earn money, it changed my life immensely.

  2. No problem, Bob … I’m trying to build up your traffic there so you’ll write more 😉

    Seriously, you’ve bene an inspiration to me in a number of ways, because many of the “standard” internet Marketing type guys are way to “slick” for me … you’re proof a person can make money without the 111 screen page sales letters.

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

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