Can ClickBank Replace Your Job?

I saw one of the AdSense ads showing that proudly proclaimed Affiliates: $537 per day – Quit your job with ClickBank.

Whoa, hold on there. If you thought that it would be great to go and quit your job to become an affiliate marketer I strongly recommend against it. Heres why:

* Affiliate marketing is volatile – You have no way of knowing where the market is going to go in six months, a year, or five years. Just because you managed to make $5,000 last month does not mean that its going to stay that way. Websites fluctuate in traffic, popularity, and relevance all the time- Ive had sites that were making $200 a day drop to less than $10 a day for seemingly no reason. It will take work, patience, persistence, and a bit of ingenuity to ensure that your income continues to grow. Until youve got $10,000 in a bank account and all of your expenses paid, do not quit your day job. Why throw away a solid income for hopes and dreams?

* Everybody is in Affiliate Marketing. This is a business that you won’t even be able to tell your family or friends the names of your websites for fear of competition. Mention of your business could accidentally lead to loss of income, especially if you are spending money to make money, Pay Per Click for example, it could really eat into your profits. Your job can only be done in your area but Affiliate Marketing can be done by anyone anywhere in the world. You may be competing with people on the other side of the world or in the other hemisphere. Anywhere there is internet connectivity. If you can’t compete in this arena then don’t quit your day job.

* You’ve never seen anything as fast moving as Affiliate Marketing. Once you click GO, traffic may start rolling in and you may be making money or not. You don’t have time to wait around, take a nap or kick back and loaf. This business runs 24 hours a day – good or bad!

Having said all that, I need to fess up that I am a full time Affiliate Marketer myself I’ll give you some reasons why I took up Affiliate Marketing full time:

1. It is Lucrative. No other business start-up allows you to make $500 the day you start. I’ve seen programs bring in over $10,000 in less than four months from a dinky little website with a few pages and images. Should you find a way to get people to buy from you then you could end up making unlimited profits.

2. Affiliate Marketing changes daily. It is a new game from day to day. The challenge of trying out new things and seeing what works or doesn’t means Affiliate Marketing can be an exciting business. Once you see how much sales methods and marketing techinques change on a day to day basis you may become hooked. And you could end up running away from the competition.

3. Talk about FUN! It is hard not to get a thrill out of Affiliate Marketing. I get up, go work out, come home, work on my marketing, check my bank account and grin all the way to the bank. All the while knowing I’m being paid to sleep or go to the park which really makes my life.

The reality is that an offline job is a reliable, steady income. If you are making some money as an affiliate, why not continue to supplement your offline income and grow your online income? Until it comes down to the day where youre making $8,000 or more a month online, stick to your day job.

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4 comments on “Can ClickBank Replace Your Job?

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    Mandy Freeman’s last blog post..Would You Like $1,000 – $25,000 a Month – Become an Internet Marketing Affiliate

    • Mandy, if you would care to, feel free to exound on what you feel tthe ‘duplicate content penalty’ is and how it orks, By actual expereince I beleive it doesn’t exisit … but then, that’s oy one man’s opinion .. you can even write a guest post if you want, I’d be happy to let you air your views.

  2. I have a feeling that online marketing is similar to such fields as real estate sales and multi-level marketing; a tiny percentage makes the big money and the also-rans make peanuts. If you can show me different, I’m all yours.

    • Thanks for the offer, but I don’t want you to ‘be mine’, Engineer. I am not a guru and I sell nothing directly, nor do I sign people up to anything … although membership sites are indeed really hot right now. When you say a certain percentage makes most of the money, that is absolutely true.

      Isn’t that what they call the Pareto Principle .. 20% gets 80% or something like that? Unless I miss my guess, I think life is pretty much that way in life in general … remember a few weeks back, Mayor Bloomberg took President Obama to task becuase of the president’s rather silly proposition that everyone earning more than $250,00 a year was ‘rich’. Bloomberg pointed out that only a tiny number ofindividuals and corporations paid more than 90% of the entire operating budget of New York City. There are 8 or 9 million people there, yet only 0.000 something percent are really well off.

      If you want a ‘peanut butter’ solution, where everyone signs up to something, pays $100 and earns back $500, I don’t know of one … but you can start flogging affiliate offers, for example, for an investment of near zero and make $100k or more a year, there are thousands doing it. You can put up a totally free niche site on blogger with only AdSense on it, promote via free means, like articles, HubPages, etc. and get a simple little site earning $20 a day, $50 a day, whatever. It certainly can be done, and like everything else, if you want to spend little or no money you have to put in the work …I assume youare familiar with the law of conservation of energy which states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant. Personal energy and money are sufficiently equal to each other for the scope of our discussion here.

      You might like this fellow’s explanations about beginners making money online, my freind Griz:
      He’s listed in my Blogs of Value section. Nothing down, nothing per mionth in expenses .. all you have to do is … well, do.

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