CashCrate Update

Right after I posted my last article, about empowered retirement through real estate staging services I went onto my account at and filled out a couple survey forms that interested me, got paid to do so and checked my stats.  It seems I haven’t acquired any new affiliates since the last time I mentioned this program.  Feedback is requested.

I first posted about Cash crate sometime back … perhaps it’s too simplistic for the level of reader I am attracting?  I don’t know … I just know it is one of the few ways you can go to a web site, fill out a simple form, fill out some surveys … some are even interesting … and have money credited to my PayPal account … as they say in Australia, Bob’s your uncle.

You can make more money with Cash crate by taking free trial offers and such that need a credit card to sign up for … all costs and/or refund policies are honestly presented before sign-up … but I personally don’t have time for them.  How about you?  Did you come here to learn about making money online even with no money?  Am I delivering?

I saw an interesting quote the other day from one of the Star Wars movies … do or do not, there is no “try”.  If you don’t chose to check out offers like CashCrate, no problem … there is no “one size fits all”, but do not tell me you can’t make money online.

As always, I welcome comments, constructive criticisms, disagreements, questions or just plain talk.  You can leave a comment to this article or email me direct at: davestarr (at) gmail (dot) com or call me on 1-719-423-8872. I’m usually on Yahoo messenger (davestarr) and will be happy to chat there.  If you liked this article, please subscribe to my RSS feed so you get all my news and views.

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