You Can’t Say You Haven’t Been Warned

This post is dedicated to all my readers who have Google AdSense on their websites … blogs or “traditional” websites … and all those who may be considering the idea.

Recently, Google changed their terms of service for AdSense Publishers … that’s what you are if you display Google AdSense. … Read the rest

What’s So Unique About A Unique?


What’s So Unique?

Darren Rowse had an interesting write-up today about an interesting service called Izea Rank.  This is yet another “blog only” ranking system designed to help bloggers answer that age-old question of “where am I”.

Just for the record I won’t be participating for a number of reasons, but Darren’s article and some of the comments already made to it … worth a read, by the way … prompted me to get busy and finish up this post that has been languishing in my “Drafts” folder for some time.… Read the rest

How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money

Ok, six posts on making money with no money in just a short while,  now I am going to talk about spending some money, or How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money.

More exactly, buying and selling money. … Read the rest

What’s It All About, This Earning Online?

 Dave, the Retired Pay Editor in Chief I am delighted to see a nice increase in readership to the blog since I first started “re-purposing” it less than two weeks ago.  If you just dropped by and have the impression, “Gee, this guy is disorganized”, well, you’re right.  There are still a lot of cobwebs in the corners and much of the furniture isn’t in the right place … but we’re working at it, we really are.… Read the rest

The Second Most Difficult Blogging Question

If you spend any time at all trying to learn about blogging … especially blogging for dollars … you hear one question probably more frequently than any other.  "What can I write about"? 

A distillation of hundred’s of thousands of those answer would be "Write about what you know".  There will often be other qualifiers thrown in, "write about something you can be passionate about.", Write about popular subjects that people search online for" and many more similar suggestions.… Read the rest

Financial Independence With a Motorhome — Is This Guy Insane?

image One of the things I noticed when I go through the server records that show searches made here at retired Pay World is that an article I published some months back that was partially about a family who was free of the senses grind of a regular job by means of their own unique talents coupled with a good old American tradition … a motor home.… Read the rest