Days Late But Not Dollars Short

I really feel foolish that I haven’t posted this sooner … but it’s been a long weekend for most of you and this will be just in time to give you something to get started for the coming week … I just did come more clean-up on one of my old sites that I am "resurrecting" and added another advertising  program … you … are going to do something this coming week, aren’t you … and not just read more blogs like this?… Read the rest

SEO Is Simple — SEO Is Difficult — Pick One

OK let’s start this post off with a quiz.  Take your time, think hard and choose carefully.  The answer is important to making money online.  Made your choice?  good!  The correct answer is … either one! 

SERPS_Example_1SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a broad term for the principles of getting a website page (blogs are just specialized website pages) to rank at or near the top of search engine results pages (SERP).  Take a look at this picture, pulled directly from Google not 15 minutes ago … not the search term I asked Google for and look at who is in the very first page out of more than 3,980,000 competitors.… Read the rest

To Make Links Count, Count Those Links

Kumiko over at CashQuests wrote a tip article today about, among other things, being very conscious as to how many outbound links there are on each page of your blog … especially the main or home page.  There are some very good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons to do this … if you want to learn even more about those very important SEO techniques I highly recommend you buy and read Aaron Wall’s SEO Book … there’s no better place to learn.… Read the rest

Yes Sir, No Sir, No Excuse, Sir

Slow posting the past few days, and the headline is a multiple choice list of the only answers that really should be given … so I’ll pick, “No Excuse, Sir”.  I will add, in partial explanation that this is a really busy week ..… Read the rest

Learn From The Masters

In blogging, as in no there online (or offline) business that I know of, the process is as transparent as a sheet of glass.  Not only do most bloggers use software and very simple special code that is readily visible to the most casual observer.  On top of that, the majority of the “name-brand” bloggers are no only open about advice on how they make money, some of them even brag about it.  The keys of the kingdom are readily apparent, their lying right there on the sideboard waiting for you to pick them up and give them a try.… Read the rest

Is Having A Blog Even Worth It?

If there’s a reader of mine,less any blogger out there who hasn’t looked up at the clock in surprised and asked him/herself, “What in the world have I been doing here today”?, I will eat my hat.  Progress in this business comes somewhat slowly and for sure very sporadically.  And it’s kind of like one of those “Whack a Mole” games … whatever you are dong this moment … including, most assuredly, reading my blog, you probably should be doing something else to try to stay ahead.  Have you posted anything today?  Ahh, thought so … go do that now and then come back, my words will still be here.… Read the rest