CSRS – FERS — What’s The Difference

I promised I’d post more articles here to try to “de-geek” some of these subjects. I already have pages of arcane detail about CSRS and FERS, but darn little that compares the two in a manner an non-geek might understand. Here’s a neat article from an expert that gives a good start:

According to a recent survey of cows in England, Bosnia, Mongolia or someplace over there, the grass really is greener on the other side!!!

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Taxes During a Divorce

In Divorce, potential tax liability can frequently become the tool for one spouse to use against the other spouse. If improperly used, this tool can destroy all of the marital assets. In the worst case, tax liability can seriously impact the future financial security of either spouse and subject them to criminal sanctions.… Read the rest

A Decent CSRS On Line Calculator

In one respect calculating your retirement benefit is relatively simple.  You can, in theory, find everything you need on the Office of Personnel Management site:


But some other calculators are better organized, especially to take into account special circumstances such as law enforcement, firemen, etc.  I recommend this one for quick checks and retirement “what ifs”.… Read the rest

CSRS — The Background and Nitty-gritty

I’m continuing today with an excellent summary of the CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System) that was put together by the OPM (Office of Personnel Management, the successor to the old Civil Service Commission).  Some might ask, perhaps, why are you just republishing large blocks of information here … it’s already on line? … Read the rest

More Good Catch 62 News

Good Catch 62 News.

Lately I see more and more evidence that the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) is softening it’s stance on the important matter of otherwise “perfect citizen” retirees losing a huge portion of their retirement annuity on their 62nd birthday … the much maligned, often misunderstood “Catch 62) law.… Read the rest

Federal Employee Divorces — Top 10 Mistakes

Things have been a little busy the past week and inputs here haven’t been what they should be. Here’s a good “starter” for the week to get things going again. I titled this the Top 10 mistakes.

Big Finish!
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I have no statistics to prove these are anyone else’s “Top 10”, I just know they are common, and I know that there are a lot of otherwise highly qualified attorneys out there who are a bit at sea on some of these issues.… Read the rest