Taxes During a Divorce

In Divorce, potential tax liability can frequently become the tool for one spouse to use against the other spouse. If improperly used, this tool can destroy all of the marital assets. In the worst case, tax liability can seriously impact the future financial security of either spouse and subject them to criminal sanctions.… Read the rest

Sometimes You Don’t Need A JD To Understand The Law

LOS ANGELES, June 8 — A sobbing, shouting Paris Hilton was led from the courtroom Friday and ordered by a judge to return to jail to serve out the remainder of her 45-day sentence.

“It’s not right,” yelled Hilton, rising from her seat at the defendant’s table.

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CSRS — The Background and Nitty-gritty

I’m continuing today with an excellent summary of the CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System) that was put together by the OPM (Office of Personnel Management, the successor to the old Civil Service Commission).  Some might ask, perhaps, why are you just republishing large blocks of information here … it’s already on line? … Read the rest

In Case You Think There Is No Money In Making Money

image Mark over at … one of my highly recommended regular reads …. presented a little opinion on the boom … or bubble, whichever you prefer, in the current "Make Money Online" bogging niche.

In case you are schooled in stock picking or some other number crunching hobby, you’ll like what you see in this chart right away.… Read the rest