Why Build a Retirement Income When You Can Just Buy One

How Long Do You Plan To Live?

Remember the scary statistic I mentioned a few days back?

According to Prudential Insurance in the USA (and they know a LOT about actuarial probabilities and life spans, after all), the first American to live to the age of 150 is ALREADY alive.  Wow.… Read the rest

Want To Start a Business As Big as Amazon?

Here’s an important update:  My FB friend, Jonathan sent me this link.  It clearly shows two sides to using the Fulfillment By Amazon program.  As with any business, you need to explore all aspects.  As we say on the Internet, YMMV.

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Retired Income — Fixed Or Variable

If you are close to my age, or maybe even if you are not, you very likely think of the term “fixed income” when you think of retirement.  Since I was a little boy I have always heard various comments regarding retied, usually senior citizen’, folks who were retied, coupled with that fixed income phrase.… Read the rest

Are You Making 6 Figures In Retirement? Why Not?

Recently I got an email from my friends Jon and Kathryn at www.portablelifestyle.com that laid out Five Reasons You’re Not Making 6 Figures (or Enough).  Most of their ideas resonated strongly with mine so I thought I would ‘commentize” them and share with you.… Read the rest

An Honest $100K On Line — Wife Quits Her Job and Makes $100K

I came across an excellent blog a day or so ago, while researching answers for the number one question people come to this site with … retirement income … will I have enough to retire on … how much is enough retirement income … how can I find more retirement income … and occasionally just a plaintive cry of “Help”, I’m old and gray and broke. 

A young couple in California were both successfully caught up in the corporate world … lucky?… Read the rest

The Second Most Difficult Blogging Question

If you spend any time at all trying to learn about blogging … especially blogging for dollars … you hear one question probably more frequently than any other.  "What can I write about"? 

A distillation of hundred’s of thousands of those answer would be "Write about what you know".  There will often be other qualifiers thrown in, "write about something you can be passionate about.", Write about popular subjects that people search online for" and many more similar suggestions.… Read the rest