Financial Independence With a Motorhome — Is This Guy Insane?

image One of the things I noticed when I go through the server records that show searches made here at retired Pay World is that an article I published some months back that was partially about a family who was free of the senses grind of a regular job by means of their own unique talents coupled with a good old American tradition … a motor home.… Read the rest

More Perspective On The Non-Flat World

Not too long ago I wrote a piece titled The World Is Not Flat. The thrust of the article was about online US companies ignoring the huge market beyond US shores … especially those markets made possible by the power of the ‘Net.  It is now easy to see that it is not just online companies who are waking up.… Read the rest

How Will You Make Your Retirement Secure In 2008?

I don’t think I have ever mentioned my friend Frank Rumbauskas here on the Retired Pay World blog before, but I’ve learned a number of valuable lessons from Frank over the years.  You see my wife and I used to operate our own small sales corporation, and cold calling was (we thought) essential to getting our business up and running.  I absolutely hate making cold calls, and as you might guess, I do very poorly with them.  I came across a book/audio CD product being sold on-line titles "Cold Calling is A Waste Of Time".  I’m as skeptical as anyone else about online offers, but Frank offered a money back guarantee, so I went for it.  The book and Frank’s audio coaching helped me make a lot of money, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Even though I don’t sell physical products to businesses any more I still apply the principles I learned from frank everyday.… Read the rest

A Pretty Pickle To Be In

Merry Christmas.  yes I am still blogging.  We have a lot of family activities going on blogmeister4here at the old Blog Central  but while the Unofficial Cook is busy in the kitchen and the many cousins here for the holidays chase themselves round the Christmas tree yours truly finds he has a lot of time here in my cave ,,, and there’s a lot to write about so I should take advantage.… Read the rest

Blog vs. Website Again — And Who needs A “Real” Job

Just was reading the "make money" blog of a friend of mine, Bob Martin, and saw this interesting piece on that age-old blog versus website question.  Watch the video, it’s quite useful in explaining some things and it gives an excellent example in how to effectively use video … many of today’s self-produced videos are quite poorly done … the blogger putting the vid together didn’t bother to edit out the dull parts and fails to get to the point.  This one is a great example of how it can be done very simply and effectively.… Read the rest

You Can Quit Your Day Job, Or Wait For It To Disappear

It’s getting really close to 2008.  seems like 2007 just started.  But just yesterday I got an email from the office that pays out one of my annuities reminding me that I could download my IRS Form 1099R from their website.  They technically have until February before they have to furnish the form but they are already done paying me in 2007 so they are getting their ducks in a row.… Read the rest