Empowered Retirement — Part 2 of Many

A little over a day ago I published the first part of this series about the ad story of one Phil Horstman who retired at age 55 with a nest egg of $1,500,000 USD and, at age 62 … same age as me, by coincidence, can’t seem to make ends meet.… Read the rest

Are You Too Old To Rewire Your Brain?

Author and financial planner Sheryl Sutherland asks new clients to write themselves a mission statement for their life, an obituary and a letter they’d hope to be able to send once retired to a friend describing how they were now living.

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The Number One Thing To Know About Making Money Online In Retirement

Know Thy Time

Effective executives start with their time.

“Know thyself,” the old prescription for wisdom, is almost impossibly difficult for mortal men. But everyone can follow the injunction “Know thy time” if one wants to, and be well on the road toward contribution and effectiveness.

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Earning An Offline Living Online

But Dave, you say, I don’t want to deal with any of the "Internet Markety" sort of making money online you have talked about recently.  I’m older, I don’t have the huge "need" to be online you seem to have and I really wish I knew some more conventional way of making money to empower my retirement.… Read the rest

Making Money Online With No Money — Warning, Work May Be Required

Some more about actual on-line and “at home” jobs.  I posted yesterday about sites where retirees and seniors could find paid writing employment … mainly for those who are not ready to make the leap toward actual entrepreneurial activity.  It’s already the most searched for post I ever did, I had to get more bandwidth from my service provider last night.  I can’t argue with success, so I’m going to provide what people want.… Read the rest

Making Money Online With No Money — Continued, Some More

For those of you anxious to read my next post in the eBook Answers series, don’t despair, it’s being worked.  It just that I have found so much more new information that I need to test and condense some great new techniques I’ve found … be with you shortly.… Read the rest