Big Change in Military Pension Divisions Coming

Division of Military Pensions in Divorce.

I wonder how many readers have heard of the “National Defense Authorization Act of 2017”?  It sounds like a typical, mundane money authorization bill which we see so many times each year.

But if you’re in the military and are married, or the souse of a military member, and divorce even remotely comes across your mind, you better listen up.… Read the rest

More About Those Pesky Points

Yesterday we got into a few of the details about Reserve Component Retirement Points and why the standard months married over months of service might not be the right way to go when calculating options for dividing a reserve component retirement annuity.  here’s a few general pension division rules and why I think some finesse is required when the pension is derived from Reserve Component service.  Obviously I am not an authority and not every state’s rules are the same, but this is the general format:

  1. Only the portion of retirement benefits accrued during the marriage are marital property subject to equitable division.
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A Few More Thoughts On Reserve Component Retirement

I’m sure I cured a lot of people’s insomnia yesterday with my big post on Reserve Military Component retirement. Just in case there’s still a few of you with insomnia, I’ll post another short one at bedtime here in Sunny Colorado.… Read the rest

Military Retirement — Special Six-Part Series — Part 2 — Death Benefits

Here’s the second installment in our six part Military Pay series. Other posts are here:


In return for years of service, the military offers an array of benefits for retirees, including a pension adjusted every year for inflation, money for college, health-care coverage and more.

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Federal Employee Divorces — Top 10 Mistakes

Things have been a little busy the past week and inputs here haven’t been what they should be. Here’s a good “starter” for the week to get things going again. I titled this the Top 10 mistakes.

Big Finish!
Creative Commons License photo credit: massless

I have no statistics to prove these are anyone else’s “Top 10”, I just know they are common, and I know that there are a lot of otherwise highly qualified attorneys out there who are a bit at sea on some of these issues.… Read the rest