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Passionate Earning

You’ll recall I have mentioned often there that the number one thing, above all, that you must do to make money online is to do something.  Of all the reasons people fail, there is no reason that even comes close than paralysis by analysis.… Read the rest

A Few More Thoughts On Reserve Component Retirement

I’m sure I cured a lot of people’s insomnia yesterday with my big post on Reserve Military Component retirement. Just in case there’s still a few of you with insomnia, I’ll post another short one at bedtime here in Sunny Colorado.… Read the rest

Military Retirement — Special Six-Part Series — Part 2 — Death Benefits

Here’s the second installment in our six part Military Pay series. Other posts are here:


In return for years of service, the military offers an array of benefits for retirees, including a pension adjusted every year for inflation, money for college, health-care coverage and more.

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Three Barriers to Your Online Retirement Success — Part 1

OK it’s about time I got more articles attuned to seniors and retirees achieving Online Retirement Success, isn’t it?  It’s no secret that I believe in a “doing something” retirement, not sitting on my butt in front of the TV … or worse yet, playing golf.  … Read the rest

Is Your Military Pension Enough to Retire On?

Wondering if your military pension is enough to retire on? You’re eligible for military retirement money as early as thirty-seven, and if you’re a career military person, your retirement pension could be enough for you to retire on easily. If you’ve been in the military for twenty years or more, your pension will be a certain percentage of your base pay, and if you’ve got a career of forty years behind you, you’ll get 100% of your basic pay during retirement.… Read the rest

A Decent CSRS On Line Calculator

In one respect calculating your retirement benefit is relatively simple.  You can, in theory, find everything you need on the Office of Personnel Management site:

But some other calculators are better organized, especially to take into account special circumstances such as law enforcement, firemen, etc.  I recommend this one for quick checks and retirement “what ifs”.… Read the rest