You Can Quit Your Day Job, Or Wait For It To Disappear

It’s getting really close to 2008.  seems like 2007 just started.  But just yesterday I got an email from the office that pays out one of my annuities reminding me that I could download my IRS Form 1099R from their website.  They technically have until February before they have to furnish the form but they are already done paying me in 2007 so they are getting their ducks in a row.… Read the rest

Empowered Retirement — Part 2 of Many

A little over a day ago I published the first part of this series about the ad story of one Phil Horstman who retired at age 55 with a nest egg of $1,500,000 USD and, at age 62 … same age as me, by coincidence, can’t seem to make ends meet.… Read the rest

Empowered Retirement — Part 1 of Many

As many of you know I choose to make my retirement home in the Philippines.  There are a lot of pros to this idea, and a few cons.  One of the negative factors which weighs on my mind often is the mind set of the Filipino which colors virtually everything they say and do, from the president on down, with the “weak sister” attitude of “Oh we are a tiny, third-world nation so everything that’s wrong is just … well, overwhelming, if only we could do something about it.Read the rest

The Number One Thing To Know About Making Money Online In Retirement

Know Thy Time

Effective executives start with their time.

“Know thyself,” the old prescription for wisdom, is almost impossibly difficult for mortal men. But everyone can follow the injunction “Know thy time” if one wants to, and be well on the road toward contribution and effectiveness.

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