More About Those Pesky Points

Yesterday we got into a few of the details about Reserve Component Retirement Points and why the standard months married over months of service might not be the right way to go when calculating options for dividing a reserve component retirement annuity.  here’s a few general pension division rules and why I think some finesse is required when the pension is derived from Reserve Component service.  Obviously I am not an authority and not every state’s rules are the same, but this is the general format:

  1. Only the portion of retirement benefits accrued during the marriage are marital property subject to equitable division.
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A Few More Thoughts On Reserve Component Retirement

I’m sure I cured a lot of people’s insomnia yesterday with my big post on Reserve Military Component retirement. Just in case there’s still a few of you with insomnia, I’ll post another short one at bedtime here in Sunny Colorado.… Read the rest

Just What is the TSP?

We field a lot of questions on the TSP — Thrift Savings Plan.  Here’s a good capsule description and a deep resource of links useful for those who need to drill down to the details:

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a retirement savings and investment plan for Federal employees. 

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FERS — How Much, When and to Whom

Many folks with questions for me on the FSRS (Federal Employee’s Retirement System) just need the basics … at least they need to know the rules of the system before they even know if they have a specialized question to ask.

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Gray Area Retirement Primer

Some may have noticed there have been no posts here for along time.  I’m not apologizing, I was busy with a big move … Colorado to Marilao in the province of Bulacan, just north of Manila, Republic of the Philippines.  Some of course might ask why and my answer is family reasons, personal desire (I’ve lived in Asia many years) and last, but not least, the fact that my retirement dollar is going to go a long way here.  I suppose this means, after many years, that I am completely retired … except for blogging that is.… Read the rest