Catch 62 and Valuation and Division of Assets – Revisited By Demand

Catch 62 and Valuation and Division of Assets.

(Updated 5 November, 2017)

I’ve written about “Catch 62” several times here already, most notably:

I Thought this subject was “getting old” but there are still a lot of people affected by Catch 62 out there

Catch 62 and Valuation and Division of AssetsJudging by the search engine traffic it seems to still be a very popular subject.  … Read the rest

When The 62nd Birthday Blows Up In Your Face

When The 62nd Birthday Blows Up In Your Face.

(last updated 11 March 2017)

What on earth can you mean by this headline, Dave?  On birthdays you typically blow out candles, things don’t usually blow up?

Things Can Blowup

Well, if you’re a US military veteran who is now working under the CSRS retirement system … or if you already retired under the CSRS, and you still don’t know the significance of the 62nd birthday, then you might want to read this article:

Some military veterans who went on to civilian careers in government are getting a nasty surprise when they turn 62.

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Who Knew? Catch 62 for FERS Employees?

Catch 62 for FERS Employees?

Think there is no Catch 62 for FERS Employees. Not long ago I was skimming over a site with a lot of interesting federal retiree information.  I noticed a headline where the author had written something like “Are You Prepared for your Annuity to Drop 40%?Read the rest

Common Catch 62 Questions

From time to time some pretty interesting comments come in here at Retired Pay regarding the good old (bad old) Catch 62 Questions

Today I got at least three comments from a fellow named Dan.  Reader Dan seems a bit upset at the “deal” he got in his retirement journey and he seems to have transferred a lot of anger and dissatisfaction to me ..… Read the rest

Specific “Catch 62” Guidance — Part One

Had a recent comment regarding filing appeals to allow payments for credits of retired military time for those Federal Employees who missed the chance to do so at the time they retired.

Some of these folks were not properly informed/educated by their personnel offices and now are very sorry they missed the opportunity.  … Read the rest