Choosing (or Sticking With) The Wrong Divorce Attorney

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Not too many folks involved in divorce proceedings get royally screwed like the folks in this sad story did:

NY: Divorce Judge On the Take Destroyed Lives & Families

But we all need to be cognizant of the fact that court cases don’t always go according to plan.  That’s why I continually harp on the point that the money you will pay for a good attorney, an attorney who is a specialist in the particulars of your divorce will not actually cost you money, but save you money for the rest of your life.

Reading this article made me wonder, in particular, where were the attorneys on the losing side?  Were they part of the skulduggery as well?  Or were they just “chickenshit” afraid to stand up for their current client’s rights in favor of being in a better position to win more cases in the future?

Don’t know, can’t say, but do remember one thing whine you have to take things to court.  Divorce, tax case, personal injury, whatever, the case belongs to you and the other party in the case.  It doesn’t belong to either or both of your lawyers … and although you should always listen to the advice of your attorney, he or she does not control your case … only you are ultimately responsible.

Before I’d let some tin-horn crooked judge force me to sign papers as it appears this one did … threatening to take away money … I’d walk out, risking nay contempt charges he might want to file … clearly stating to my attorney as I left, “You’re fired!” and then find me a proper attorney to continue the adventure.

Could it be a couple of these victims were too much in love with money themselves?  “Sign away your rights or I’ll rule you get nothing” is not enough of a threat to make me compromise what I know is right.

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