Days Late But Not Dollars Short

I really feel foolish that I haven’t posted this sooner … but it’s been a long weekend for most of you and this will be just in time to give you something to get started for the coming week … I just did come more clean-up on one of my old sites that I am "resurrecting" and added another advertising  program … you … are going to do something this coming week, aren’t you … and not just read more blogs like this?

Anyway, first things first … my colleague Yaro Starak just sent me the link to something I already took advantage of a couple days ago … Camtasia Studio for free.  Go here, now, and download this program if you even think you might do videos, make tutorials, present lessons or presentations … heck, just do it!

image TechSmith is a company that makes a number of commercial products that solve a lot of problems.  One of their absolute best is Camtasia Studio, which is described as a screen recording and presentation tool.  I own an earlier version of Camtasia Studio, I used it extensively in my career in the past, making demonstration videos and "how to to it" movies by simply having Camtasia Studio record what I was doing on screen and then sending the result off to customers so they could see our company’s product without downloading, setting up databases, opening firewalls and all that other boring computer geek stuff.  It also takes PowerPoint presentations and just bundles them into slide shows that anyone can watch … no need for PowerPoint or any installation.  This is a commercial product that I paid $299 for and consider it well worth it. 

But TechSmith, in a stroke of masterful marketing, is giving away a newer version than the one I have for free … no catch, no obligation.  Just download, get a free activation key from TechSmith and install it.  In addition, you can buy their even later current version for $149 … half price … but there’s no need and no obligation … this is a top quality 100% functional commercial program free to use as long as you wish.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

If you want to take advantage of the free offer click here to download your copy of Camtasia Studio 3.1.3 –

Note – this is not an affiliate link or anything like that, just a great freebie that I hope you take advantage of.

Yaro offers some interesting thoughts here:

  • You can produce videos for your blog with the softwareN
  • Make products you can sell online
  • Produce tutorials to train people how to do things.

This software alone can be the basis for a thriving online business, so I strongly recommend you take advantage of this before Techsmith change their mind!

Indeed this is a whole graphics-oriented service business package in a download … if you want to "empower your retirement" … or make money after school … get this and earn with it.  This is one of the reasons I always read Yaro’s blog and why his Blogmastermind program is one of a very few "for pay" programs that I recommend.  He doesn’t deliver, he over-delivers.

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