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One of the risks of delving into the field of blogging …. especially in the little niche of “Meta Blogs” … blogs abou blogs … is that any time you are thinking you are keeping up you are indoubtedly falling behind … but that’s ok, I’m never going to be a winning runner, but I do like to finish the marathons I enter.

One of those people who shows her heels pretty often is my colleague Pat Doyle. I only started reading Pat’s blog a bit over a month ago … it came to my attention because of a post she wrote about quitting her day job to blog full time. I went to read it with a sense of sceptisism, because I’ve seen a lot of people rushing into things without planning … including every time I look in the mirror.

But Pat sounded as if she had her head screwed on tight and she’s really made some headway since she gave her old boss (I’m sure a polite renditon od) “Take This Job And Shove It”.

Just one of the things Pat has been busy with is an ebook … yeah, those things I write about sometimes. Well Pat doesn’t just write about them, she writes them … and her first commercial work sound slike a great read to me. Blog Traffic Jump Start

I think you should “hop” right over and pick up a copy … she certainly has proven she knows how to take a blog from virtually nothing to quite a lot in a very short time … and unlike some of the so-so material that floats around the ‘net, this book is being sold through CickBank … 100% iron-clad guarantee, so you can not lose … and if you can pick up on just part of the tips and technoque Pat lays out her you can gain a lot. Recommended.


  1. Looks interesting. However, I’m very reluctant to buy anything related to internet income, increasing traffic, etc.

    What I do appreciate is the opportunity to take a look at her web site and see what she’s doing. Quite frankly, I’ve not heard of her before, but it looks like it might be worthwhile to spend some time on her site.

    I didn’t see a link to her site readily available, so I did a search on google and have added her feed to my feedreader (Your feed is already there.).


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