Did You Know A Jimmy Choo Was A Shoe? — It Made Manolo Rich

I’ve tried to maintain one consistent theme the "new and improved" Retired Pay World … that even the "rest of us" have specialized skills and knowledge that we can capitalize on to make money online.  Especially those of us who have a 20, 30, 40 year head start on the younger folks who still have to cover all that ground just to get up to where we stand today.

Of course I’ll be talking a lot about the technical side of the ‘Net and blogging … no one ever accused me of not being a "geek" … and you do know how it is with boys and toys.  But putting your insider knowledge to work doesn’t require nearly the expertise you often think it does.  Take a look at Manolo the Shoeblogger.

This is a guy whom I became aware of very shortly after my dear wife first pointed me to the money Darren Rowse was making online.  Manolo and Darren are about as far apart as night and day … but that is the whole point about my work in this outstanding environment.  What good us a special fascination with stylish women’s shoes and the designers of same?  Not worth a darn except for the number of women (and men) who will consume industry news, insider tips and even out and out gossip … and the high-profile companies who will spend a fortune advertising their luxury wares.

Locked inside almost every man and woman of retirement/near retirement age is a lifetime of specialized knowledge … and there are people who want to know about it.  Just a few tips off the top of my head on a busy afternoon here:

  • Fashion in almost all its forms
  • Retail sales … like when can you buy a swimsuit?  Certainly not in July?
  • Auto dealers … can you imagine how many blog posts you can make out of 40 years of four-square sheets?
  • Real Estate … how many crazy owners and "looky-loos have you dealt with?
  • Law … breathes there a lawyer or a legal secretary who hasn’t got a thousand tales of crazy cases, zany clients or even legal malpractice faux pas?

You’ll never know what you have to say and who will listen (read) until you get out there and do it.  I’ll help and so will thousands of other bloggers, but you have to make the move.  Listen to Nike and "just do it".  Do not tell me you can’t make money online.

And if you have no time?  Learn how to "make time" here.