Don’t Give Up The Ship

Famous words,those, from Captain James Lawrence in 1813. (Many folks think this came from Oliver Hazard perry, but Captain Perry copied Lawrence’s saying for his famous battle flag in honor of his colleague’s heroism).

By far the number one reason people don’t make money on line is because they do not do anything.  reading, studying, pondering and wondering when to start.  Start now is my motto.

One of the next most common reasons for failure is people give up way too soon.  They make a move, profits don’t start flowing and right away, they give up.  Once you have made a move, especially buying a domain … you just do not want to give it up … there’s no future in giving up, you can always make something of it.  here’s some words from a guy I follow and think a lot of, Court Tuttle.  he’s been doing the make money thing for some time now, and this message is simple.  take it to heart.

… . I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (do you get the idea?), ever ditch a site unless it was banned from Google…

Let me tell you about a couple of my ‘give ups’ and the reasons I think all of them were a mistake.  This was the very first URL I ever owned.  I had a good business idea for making display maps and selling them in paper format.  I still think it is a good idea, just recently I saw a company doing exactly this and apparently quite successfully … and their offerings did not compete in any way with the specialized maps I was thinking of.  Their prices, and what I can intelligently guess to be their profit margin was pretty astounding to me as well.  Why did I give up?  I held the domain for a whole year, renewal time came around and I still hadn’t done a darn thing so I quit instead of paying the renewal fee and getting off my ass.  The URL is now on an advertising parking site and like brings in a few dollars now and again … infinitely more than I ever made from it yet infinitely less than it could make. and These are two I bought with the idea of making an interactive business site that would help people find cheaper gas and help business sell more gas.  Gas was less than $2 a gallon then, how much more profit potential is there today?  One of these is another parking site and the other is a bonifide business helping people find CNG for their alternative fuel vehicles in the UK.  Again, I quit without starting, what a dumb thing to do.  here’s one i still own, have for several years now and which I am sitting on for absolutely no reason except I am too hesitant to make a move.  I have a business idea for this site that would make actual profit for virtually every ecommerce site on the Internet and the investment needed is probably a few hundred dollars for some relatively simple script work.  Whay6 am I waiting for?

I could go on, but I won’t.  As these examples all prove, sitting and doing nothing is dumb, and quitting in the middle may be even dumber.  You are thinking about making money on line? especially if you are a senior and/or retiree who wants to supplement their income … empower their retirement?  Then stop thinking and start doing there is no time like the present.

(by the way, Captain Lawrence did lose his ship, but we won the war resoundingly and Lawrence is rightly remembered as a true hero and not as a quitter.)