Earn Money Online – Blogger Vs. Word Press

This article will teach you how to choose the correct blogging platform. The first thing to decide is whether you’re a beginner or intermediate blogger. If you’re just learning how to blog and have no idea what type of blogging platform to use, then you should read this article.

Blogger is owned by Google and is a popular blog platform to use for beginners. The controls of blogger are easy and signing up for a membership is free of charge (sign up for a G-Mail account). You can set up your blog and have a post up within 15 minutes. Also, there are plug-ins called “Gadgets” to enhance your blog. Some of the gadgets are: YouTube Video Viewer, Java Plug-In, World News and Weather updates.

However, for the more intermediate users, Blogger is a platform you might want to reconsider using. Although it’s user friendly, this also means that there won’t be as many functions as more advanced platforms.

WordPress (WP) is used by more advanced users. The reason is that the benefits of WordPress are more advanced and you might need to know html or css to use some of the “widgets” that you can customize according. Also you can customize your templates and this also requires some css knowledge. People who use Word Press tend to pay for their own hosting and domain, so if you do not want to pay for a blogging platform, stay away from Word Press.

In conclusion, if you want a free blog that is easy to use and beginner friendly, choose Blogger. If you want more options and know a little bit about html and css, choose WordPress. Also, most people who use WordPress put money into their blogs by purchasing a domain name and hosting.

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