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One of the things I find rewarding, yet frustrating here at “Blog Haven” is that there is so much information out there and so little time … but then isn’t that a lot about retirement in general?  I was just trying to sort out today’s activities when I noticed that it was already about 8 days ago when I made my initial ebooks post and I had intended to follow-up on a few things, right away quick.  Well, this is as quick as it gets …

Here’s some “eBook Bullets” that I’m going to devote a few posts to … I’ll space them to come out over the coming week, because I have other things to write about too.  Remember our premise is going to be that almost any of you reading this either know enough already to write a mini-book that people will pay to read, or you can produce one … and it will be virtually zero-risk because you can use a couple features available online to show you the exact profit potential before you ever risk much time or money.  Here’s what we are going to cover:

  • Pick a subject: Find out what’s hot and what’s not from your keyboard.
  • Research the subject: Free and paid sources as well as that infinite user, the average surfer.
  • Prove Salability:  Notice all those ads floating around day after day?  They can do a lot more than just sell.
  • Write the book: Yes you can but if you don’t want to there are many outsourcing possibilities.
  • Market the book:  You can sell it yourself or you can sell it through others … I’ll show you the basics.
  • Rinse and repeat as many times as you desire: (I’ll lave you on your own for this one)

Now that should wet your whistle … and it should give me something to keep me off the streets this week as well.

As always, feel free to leave a comment, write me an email at: davestarr (at) gmail (dot) com, or call me on 1-719-423-8872.  I’ll be happy to hear about subjects you want me to cover, places you feel I have erred, real life experiences good and bad, or just to toss out ideas you may have.  There is no charge and no catch.


  • RP

    Sort of forgot to mention … I hope you don’t just “blast past” all the tips and techniques here because the eBook idea leaves you cold … this is a proven technique for any business idea that wnats to leverage the power of the ‘Net … doesn’t have to be an ebook at all.

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