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A big welcome to my new CNN.COM readers as well as all you old faithful’s out there.  I have a whole list of “gotta write” about these opportunities and, of course, I’m never getting to all of them.  I am, after all, retired … or so I say.  Since I have been writing, and will continue to write more about the “nuts and bolts” of making money for seniors and retirees online, I thought it would be good to have a quick reference for those in a hurry.  Thankfully, there are always plenty of resources and people to help on line.  these are all free “reads” and worth the time.  No sign-up or email addresses required, by the way.

Adnan at Blogtrepreneur writes about his predictions for the hottest ways to make money in 2008.

John Chow, the epitome of blog monetization has his own definitive reference page

Tyler Cruz, a guy who’s helped me a bunch online runs a dedicated site that honest rates many programs.

Darren Rowse at Problogger has tons of “real” information … start here … Darren got me going in this business

Everton Blair at Connected Internet took his hobby to a full-time, 6-figure  income in 10 months.

And let’s round it off with an even half-dozen … Maki at DoshDosh shares a ton of useful data

Folks these are real-world people and they are actually doing it.  these are not some sort of sleazy76 “invest and pyramid” schemes, nor do the majority of methods any of these guys talk of require dunning people for information or masking cold calls.  I find most retirees and folks my age are cautious about the Internet and money … as well they should be.  But I also find that if you close your mind and neglect real opportunities “out of hand” you’ll lose out on some great friendships, a great hobby and actual money in the bank.  Until next post….

As always, feel free to leave a comment, write me an email at: davestarr (at) gmail (dot) com, or call me on 1-719-423-8872, or chat with me on Yahoo Messenger: davestarr(at)yahoo(dot)com.  I’ll be happy to hear about subjects you want me to cover, places you feel I have erred, real life experiences good and bad, or just to toss out ideas you may have.  There is no charge and no catch.


  1. @ Everton: I stand corrected, I thought I had read something that indicated you lost your day job and had to “do or die” with the blogging. Must have misread something. Just makes the “you can do it” argument more binding, though, because the money you are making off blogging is more than a lot of people ever stand to make from a “day job”. Thanks for dropping by, sir.

    @ Knup: Thanks for coming by and for the kind words also. I find one of the chief obstacles to changing gears here and trying to offer vakue in the “make money” niche is such an overwhelming amount of information … and a surprising amount of it is “real”. There’s the odd charlatan or BS artist out there but I’ve looked hard at what alot of people are doing and the guys who are really making something useful on line far outnumber the wannabes”. Thank you to for commenting. It’s always appreciated.

  2. Almost, correct RP. I did lose my job last September and the plan was to see how far I could take the blogging income during the period I was looking for a job – the hope was that if I worked full-time I’d be able to grow it enough, so that by the time I found a job I wouldn’t need to go back to work.

    ‘unfortunately’ I got a contractors job within a week, so I never did go full-time, but because the job wasn’t perm I still worked on the blog, just not full-time -about 2-3 hours a day and I still manged to grow from around $300/pm to $8k per month.

    I got a full-time job a few months ago, so I’ve cut down on the blogging hours as it was killing me and the growth is slower now, but in the next 12-18 months I hope I will be able to go full-time.

    PS you need to install subscribe to comments!!

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