Empowering Retirement — Young or Old

Mainly this site is by and for the Senior Citizens and retirees of the world … I am a 6466yo  myself, US born and bred man, but I live in the Philippines (why?  find out more about Philippine retirement here).

I get visitors from all over the world, and I welcome and value every one of them.

Here’s a blog post I just read that is written from the UK perspective on senior citizens and the market they represent.

A few take aways from the article?

1. There are going to be more than 21 million “silver” citizens in the UK by the years 2015.

2.  They are online, and doing more things online, than ever before

3.  Many of them, nearly half of those in London, are single

4. Online dating sites are exploding in popularity

5. Travel, healthy living and gardening are among the interests most avidly pursued.

So if you are one of our fifty-plus members and you haven’t explored the online world in too much detail yet … because you think it is just a ‘young people’s” venue … get busy and find you own niche.

The most powerful aspect of the Internet that I know is that it eliminates the artificial bounds of geography, politics, age, race and gender.

You are never to old to learn … in fact learning, proven by clinical testing results … keeps you young longer.

See http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/ucla-study-finds-that-searching-64348.aspx … there are many other similar findings over the past two years or so.

Secondly … and this is a group I particularly wanted to target …If you are one of the numerous online “young guns”, always thinking of new, untapped markets

(or someone always “wishing” for that elusive way they could ‘Earn a Living in the Philippines … what I call the “If Only” crowd)

… better think seriously about those more senior to you.

Many younger online entrepreneurs, if they think of senior citizens at all, only think in terms of making something “easy enough that their grandmother can use it”.

Well, many grandmothers are:

1. single

2. Looking for love, adventure, travel, gadgets … even plastic surgery.

3. Have a lot more time on their hands than their harried, busy, financially strapped 40 something children do

4. Often have more actual spendable income than they ever did before in their lives.

Still think you should forget about marketing to the “silver” community?

Friends, any of you who started today, and out in as much time as most Americans spend watching TV a few nights a week, could be making more than $700 a month in say,the 99 weeks my fisherman friend sat waiting for something to happen.  Watching the ships roll away in other words.

It won’t fall in your lap, but if you work, and follow a proven system that involves delivering value with the knowledge and skills you already possess, it can happen.

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