Empowering Retirement With 11 Secret Herbs

There was a popular business book some years back called “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten”.  It’s still around, by the way, revised, updated and better than ever.  Recommended.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Fifteenth Anniversary Edition Reconsidered, Revised, & Expanded With Twenty-Five New Essays   While I still like nearly nearly everything the author Robert Fulgum has to say, I personally follow a different guru.

Today we here so often of so many seniors in dire straights.  Alone, unloved, uneducated, pension funds devastated by rapacious Wall Street opportunists.  Medical problems that severely limit their life style.  Whatever will we do for them?

Well let me turn that question around.  Way will they do for themselves?  Let’s consider today’s case study.

A man, 65 years old, who left school when he was 7.  No formal education at all to speak of.  A man who tried at least 6 or 8 different businesses, many of which he borrowed money for, and all of which failed. 

In his late 50’s he was able to get a little country gas station on a old Federal highway where he eked out a living selling gas, fixing flats and stopping up radiator leaks.  Not much to look forward to for his retirement, eh?

His one true love had always been cooking.  So to flesh out the profits from the gas station he started cooking home made meals for travelers.  he didn’t even have a lunch counter, let alone a restaurant, so he served the dining room trade literally from his own kitchen table in the tiny living quarters attached to the gas station.

Business grew.  People liked his food.  he also hit upon an ingenious marketing scheme where he offered complete Sunday dinners packaged to take home, every day of the week.

After a while he borrowed money to buy a restaurant and motel across the highway from the gas station and began to market his culinary skills more effectively.  His retirement prospects certainly looked better now, didn’t they?  Perhaps just like your own did five years ago when your house was worth five times what you paid for it and all those Bernie Madoff stocks your 401K was buying were paying fantastic returns.

Well at age 65, after 10 years of 7 day a week toil and struggle to build this little country business empire, the government (we’re from the government and we’re here to help you) open one of those new-fangled Interstate highways that bypassed his little country town.  Overnight the gas business, the food business and the motel business was dead as a doornail.

He was able to sell off the business for barely what was owed to the bank and there he sat.  75 years old, not even an elementary school graduate and dead broke.  Suffering greatly from high blood pressure, diabetes, and his sole source of retirement sustenance was a Social security retirement check for … drum roll please … $110 a month.

Many of you, especially given the cutesy little title I used have already figured out who the subject of this article is.  But for those of you who haven’t. here’s another clue.

The real star of his food business had been his outstandingly good fried chicken.  Fried chicken was an anathema to the restaurant business at the time, because many people loved it and ordered it, it took way too long to cook properly to make it cost effective in a business where ‘table turnover’ was an economic necessity.  But my guru not only knew how to season his chicken, he knew how to use a pressure cooker to fry it a special way in only a fraction of the time it normally took.

So my hero put his pressure cooker, his stash of herbs and spaces and his hopes into his battered car, filled the tank with what was left from his $110 monthly check, and set off to convince restaurant owners across America that they needed to sell his special chicken. 

His business idea was simple.  he would supply the restaurants with the special ingredients and teach them how to make it taste so good with a pressure fryer and in return the restaurant owner would pay him a “nickel a chicken”.

Well, even though this sounds like a Horatio Alger story, we can’t say ?and the rest is history”.  Like virtually everything else he had tried in his life, this dream went over like a lead balloon too.  In his first two years of driving up and down the highway trying to earn a nickel a bird he sold something like a whopping 5, count ‘em five customers.  In fact, he made 1008 sales calls and was told no, or even at times rather abruptly shown the door, before he made his very first sale on call 1009.

You know my wife and I ran our own semi-successful sales business in the US before I actually ‘retired: fully … as if I was really retired now.  I call the business successful because we did make sales, made a profit, served some happy customers, traveled a lot of the USA and generally had fun.  But I throw on the qualifier “semi” because I know we could have done more and I know I never made anything like 1009 sales calls in two years.  If I had?  Who knows?  I write a lot about this work on my GPS tracking site.

Yes, of course you are right, I’m talking about Colonel Harland Sanders who eventually did attain great success, long after he was well past retirement age, when he finally hit upon the idea of franchising whole restaurants that would serve his “finger licking good” chicken cooked and served exactly the way he knew it should be.

When you look at your own problems today, in the face of so many things that just aren’t going right for America and the world, can you imagine how this man must have felt, being given the “bum’s rush” out of the kitchens of greasy spoons across American when he was nearly 70?

Trust me on this.  If Harland could do what he did, you can do what you need to do to empower your own retirement, earn that extra income you would like to use to empower your retirement, or even earn the few bucks it would take to keep the wolf from the door.

You don’t even have to put in the hours.  You don’t have to make the kind of monetary or time investments he did.  And your risk factor … very, very small, right down to none-existent.

If I can show you how to produce honest money online.  No selling, no pyramid schemes, even absolutely no money down to get it started.  No “eBook” to buy, no credit charge, no nothing at risk … what is your real fear regarding failure?

If I show you how to put up a web site for free, nothing down and nothing per month.  If I show you how to make legal, honest money from that site, and then show you how to replicate that same formula again, and again, and again, like the Colonel’s “nickel a chicken” policy, will you think about actually giving something a try for a change and making a move … rather than reading yet another blog, buying yet another book you won’t even read, and hesitating because you are risk averse to the possible loss of a business venture that cost zero dollars and zero cents?

Stick with me … you can subscribe to receive every article by RSS feed reader service or by regular email (the way a many of my readers prefer learning about making money) by clicking here.here and let’s see if together we can’t do something about making money online and empowering our retirement.  besides. it can be fun … more interesting than pinochle, I’ll tell you that for sure.

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