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I ran several posts last month that seemed quite popular under the heading Making Money Online With No Money and also pointing out places to Learn With No Tuition.  I should have been putting up more of them … here’s one of my favorites:

So why should you read Eric? Here’s afew of the sorts of ideas, complete with well-reasoned discussion you get when you read Eric’s blog:

… As I continue with my I haven’t touched on the one-blog-or-many-blogs question… Let me explain why I favor the multi-blog — or blog network — approach.

It’s All About Targeting

If you’ve learned anything by now from my writings, it’s that properly targeting your blog or site is extremely important for so many reasons. Not only to get the right AdSense ads to display on your pages, but also so that your site is findable in the search engines and to attract and maintain a steady and repeatable stream of visitors. The latter is particularly important with blogs…

Creating Your Own Blog Network

What you want to do, then, is create your own blog network. Each blog in the network is focused on a single topic, …  There’s no doubt that setting up and maintaining multiple blogs is more work than running a single blog….  And you may find yourself busier because you’ll feel the need to post entries more frequently to the individual blogs, …Whatever you do with your blog network, establish common processes to simplify your life. Keep copies of the plugins and themes you use. Tag and categorize your posts consistently. Optimize your ad placement as much as possible. Create links to the various administration consoles and keep a list of userids and passwords somewhere safe. Use hosting services that make blog installation easy.

Processes let you concentrate on the content. And that’s the important part of a blog network….

As you can see there’s a wealth of valuable information shared here.  Eric doesn’t post every day or multiple times a day, because like me, he has another life … but I read every word he writes,  I’m currently working on a blog network myself … interested parties may apply.

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