Financial Independence With a Motorhome — Is This Guy Insane?

image One of the things I noticed when I go through the server records that show searches made here at retired Pay World is that an article I published some months back that was partially about a family who was free of the senses grind of a regular job by means of their own unique talents coupled with a good old American tradition … a motor home.

(See these additional two article if you want some starting points on why getting a job is a foolish thing to do in today’s world, and why self-employment is your only real security. 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job or a companion piece, 10 Myths Abut Self-employment.)

I was just running the numbers on this kind of lifestyle again today and I thought I would write about them for the curious … the "believers" who still think a "job" means financial security. before or after retirement.

I can almost read the minds of some of my readers … is this guy Dave Crazy they are asking … does he know what gas costs these days?  And don’t these things get like 6 or 8 miles to the gallon?

Well, as Billy Joel once said, "You may be right, I may be crazy", but that is beside the point.  I run into dozens, even hundreds of people because of this site and others that I operate or frequent online who have a dream of making it on their own without being tied down to a talent-sapping, mind-numbing job, except they have been taught since infancy that the only real security in life is to drive yourself (or your parents) into debt for a college education, then sign up with this mega-corp or that one and work until they give you the gold watch (which today is gold-plated and comes from China by way of Wal*Mart)

To stay more on-topic for my large percentage of retiree and senior readers, (I’m happy to see that tiny as my efforts are, this blog is consistently Google’s number one or number two selection for Seniors and Retirees making money online.)  I know of many couples already retired or ready to retire who are aghast at what their Social security payments are going to actually be, and at how worthless their IRA’s and other investment vehicles are that leveraged so heavily into over-priced, over-hyped real estate investments.

What can you do?  Well, you can do what so many retirees or folks nearing retirement do, whine, moan and band together with socialistic organizations who promote nonsense like taking away from working, younger folks to promote the better lifestyle of older folks (AARP comes to mind, a group that Karl Marx would have been proud to join, but I will never be a part of).  Or, you can engage in senseless endeavors like writing your Congressman asking the government to regulate the cost of gas, forgive housing loans and otherwise drive the economy even farther into the mire.  I don’t like these ideas.  I’m 62 years old, I am drawing the Social Security I paid into, but I earn money still, make jobs for other people, and take no handouts and special favors from anyone … why should I?

Dave’s suggestion?  In the words of another famous song of my era, (Percy Mayfield, made famous by Ray Charles), "Hit the Road, Jack".  If I had to live in the US right now, I’d give very strong consideration to visiting someone like Cruise America and buying, as a real bargain, a small motor home.  here’s the stats on just one of their offerings:

Comparable New Price: $83,711

Prices Starting from $24,995
Payments as low as $234/mo*

$234 a month?  You can’t rent a clapped out, freezing in the winter, roasting in the summer trailer house for that.  And when it’s cold, go down to Big Bend Texas and stay until it gets hot enough to make you want air conditioning in the Spring, then move north along with the sun.  Stay at a "campground host" site in Montana in the Summer and follow the changing colors down through Georgia and into Florida when the Winter comes calling again. 

When you’re tired of living in something this small, you can sell it for what you paid or more (hold the note if you want to) and, if you read this blog and others that teach you how to make a living online, you should have a nice nest egg put away for the next phase of your empowered retirement.

Go now, for free, and join my friend Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project and learn how to set up your online business as a business.  If you use this motorhome as part of your business, such as actively blogging about your travels, making honest good faith efforts to make money with your motor home activities, and (of course) paying the legally required taxes you can make the whole operation tax deductible … find a tax advisor who thinks outside the box, I am not qualified to give tax advice, only to blog and make money about it.  (and yes, before you sic the IRS on me, I did pay taxes, everything is on the Schedule C, all neat and tidy and on the up and up. ;-))


  1. Richard says:

    Makes alot of sense. But sad to think that this is what the American dream has reduced us to- or has it? I am reminded of Rockford’s trailer on the beach in California- he seemed to live quite the exciting life as a private detective. I used to love watching the scenes on his weekly television show where they showed his trailer parked within running distance to the Pacific Ocean- a rare if not illegal occurrence on the east coast. But all the same he lived well AND enjoyed a life style most of us only dream of.

  2. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for visiting and for your valuable comment. I guess the loss of the American Dream is one way to look at things, or, in another way we might say the dream is still very much alive and well. A majority of the readers in my target group have not gotten themselves in over their heads with over-leveraged home loans, expecting a house to be an investment, rather thna a home. Nothing prevents a financially secure retiee from taking to the road, either. My goal is just to get people to think outside the doomsday headlines and empower their remaining years. Also, nothing prevents a retiree who is _not_ financially ‘fixed’ from using the mnay new ways to earn from fixing whatever money ills s/he has and having a retirement they cna enjoy.

    I live overseas by choice. It gives me a little different perspective, When I tlak to fellow Americans still back in the rat race, every otgher word they utter seems to be in fear .. what about health insurance, what about this issue or that issue, what if Socuial secuity goes broke … the list is endless.

    All are valid concerns, but not issues one should be so paralyzed with fear over that they stop living … I personally think one of the US’s greatest untapped resources are our seniors and retirees, but the generally accepted view is, once your 65 or so you are a burden who has to stay alive for the convenience of health insurance companies, fit only to write letters to Congressmen asking the governement to make one ill-advised intervention into the free economy after another. We are _so_ much more, if we allow ourselves to be.

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