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I guess I got on the front side of the wave yesterday when I wrote an introduction t o buying blogs instead of developing them from scratch.  This is Darren’s feature article today with his take on the blog valuation factors you should consider.

I’m really not a big advocate of pricing by RSS subscriber either … I’ve had too many difficulties of my own with FeedBurner and today’s blogging news is all about a giant “gotcha” at FeedBurner which has halved a lot of people’s subscriptions … it’ll be fixed, they assure us, but how much faith do you have in a measurement tool that goes up and down 100% or more per day with no rational reasoning?

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

RSS sign ups do, however, make up an important part of a blog’s worth, so they must not be ignored (you are subscribed here, are you not?).  “Just plain visitors” are extremely important too.  John Chow (admittedly one of the most “monetized” bloggers on line is earning 7 cents per page view in his latest income report.  Now very few blogs are going to make that much, but halve or even quarter the figure and make realistic estimates from there.  this blog was virtually dead before October 1 and it’s already earning nearly a penny a page view and steadily climbing.

So don’t ignore the possibilities of blogs being actual investments … they certainly have potential.

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