Getting Others To Blog For You — Unintentionally, Of Course.

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I’m way overdue with some updates about making good money online with self-authored ebooks.  A day or two ago Darren Rowse … one of the masters you’ll see me often recommend … made the job easier for me and pointed me, as he so often does, to another highly useful blogging resource.

I not only like to write about real people making real money with ebooks and other forms of self-publishing (Ideal for any senior or retiree with a lifetime of experience).  Darren fulfilled both needs with one great blog post … I’ll have to remember to send Darren’s his paycheck one of these days LoL.

Yesterday I wrote about Leo Babauta launching an ebook (Zen to Done) as a way to monetize his blog. In that post I promised to try to get an interview with Leo to explore both the wild success of his blog (over 21500 subscribers in 6 months) and the journey to releasing his ebook…

A few more highlights from Darren’s interview:

… that’s why I call ZTD a “simple productivity” system. We need to do less, not more. We need to focus on the essential, and separate the wheat from the chaff. Instead of doing busy work, we should do important work. That’s ZTD, in short. … 

How long did it take you to write it? I set aside my mornings for a couple of weeks to write the book. I still had the regular demands of Zen Habits, and the posts I write for other blogs, as well as my full-time day job and my family (a wife and six kids) … so I couldn’t put everything aside as I’d prefer to do, and focus completely on the ebook. However, I decided that writing the book had to be a priority, so for a couple hours a day, for about 2 weeks, the only thing I allowed myself to do was write. …

How has ZTD been received by your blog’s readers so far? Are you finding it easy to convert readers to purchasers? It’s been selling like hotcakes! Seriously, I had hoped to eventually sell 100 of them, over time, but I doubled that number in just a few hours. And so far, they seem to like the book. …

As I am sure it will stagger many of you, Leo’s schedule and determination astounds me.  I have a lot less on my plate than he does and a lot more time to do it in.  When faced with a task I can’t do straight off … like say, tile a bathroom or build an addition on my house I do one of two things … either buy the tools it takes to be able to do it myself, or hire a professional to get it done.  There are times, indeed I wind up doing both.

Looking at my blogging history over the past few months I find I have been whimping out with this "too busy" excuse way to often, so my nest first step is to get Leo’s book and find out how much it can do for me.  How about you?  Will you flounder about struggling or will you take definable positive action to get something done with all this time we retirees have on our hands?  Click here to view more details about Leo’s book(aff).  The answer is under your forefinger, on click could be a positive step.

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