How To Recession-Proof Yourself — Part 5

Here’s some more detailed information I received from my favorite “Build You Own Bailout Plan” author, Shaun Fawcett.  Brilliant stuff.  It works for me, I thought I’d pass it on to you, especially for people like me who are already retired but want to Empower That retirement and while we are at it, maybe earn some extra income online … perhaps from a stable, legit source like Google AdSense whose been putting money in my bank account since 2005 .. when it works, stick with it is my motto, and Google AdSense works for seniors and retirees when you follow the rules and do it right … I know that for sure.

7 Action Steps For Multiple Income Streams.

THE 7 ACTION STEPS For Multiple Income Streams – SUMMARIZED

The 7 Action Steps (summarized below) are the key steps that you need to take in order to get up and running online and start earning your first residual income from advertising and affiliate programs. You must complete all of the steps below before you will start earning a steady stream of recurring online income.

STEP 1: Do Your Personal Inventory

In this step you need to do a thorough, honest and objective assessment of your personal strengths (weaknesses), skills, abilities, interests and knowledge level in most areas of your life.

STEP 2: Do Your Online Niche Research

It is critical that you perform online keyword research so That you will know with some certainty which of the niche possibilities on your short-list should ultimately become your online business niche.

STEP 3: Choose Niche & Register Domain

This is where you get serious about getting online. By the time you get here you should have done your keyword research in Step 2 using the short-list of keywords that came out of Step 1,  in which you did your personal inventory.

STEP 4: Set Up Your Niche Website

Once you have registered your domain name URL you are ready to get your website hosted with a Web hosting service provider. After that you will need to do some basic planning as to how you want your site to be logically structured.

STEP 5: Create and Post Content Pages

Once you have your niche-focused website up and running with a Web hosting service and you have decided on a basic structure for your site you are ready to start focusing your efforts on creating and posting content.

STEP 6: Add Google Adsense Links

As soon as you get a small critical mass of core content pages posted to your niche-focused website, as covered in previous Steps, you will want to start adding pay-per-click advertising links. Google AdSense is the most popular such program.

STEP 7: Add Affiliate Program Links

Similar to what I told you about when to start posting AdSense pay-per-click ads, you will also want to start linking to some affiliate merchant sites as soon as you have a critical mass of core content pages posted on your website.

In my ebook, “The Self Bailout Strategy”, each one of these Steps is broken down into specific sub-tasks with supporting information and resource references for easy implementation.

If you follow all 7 of these Steps in numerical order as presented in the book I can guarantee you that you will come out the other end of the process with your own money-making website that generates recurring income from multiple online sources.

I know that this formula works from first-hand experience.
It is exactly how I have been making my living online for the past number of years. In fact, I just did my mid-year financials for this year and I am on-track to once again make a 6-figure annual income.

More importantly, though, if you want to learn about true independence and your own personal bail-out plan that can not be messed with by Republicans, Democrats, Independents or even Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, then you need to take enough time to order and read Shaun’s book … a complete course on how to detach yourself from all the current bad news and worry.

It is100% satisfaction guaranteed, so if you are one of the folks that Shaun’s plan doesn’t seem suited for, you still come out ahead.

Will you just wait around and stew about your future, or will you take (a tiny, risk-free0 action and see if you can not make things better in the out years.

Believe me, I have empowered MY retirement and I highly recommend it!

What’s your next step? Simple. check out Shaun’s proven, 100% satisfaction guaranteed multiple streams of income course. I can assure you, you won’t go wrong … you’ll even learn a lot right from Shaun’s sales page.

If you read this eBook carefully and then purposefully implement the action steps detailed therein, you too can successfully make your living online.

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