How To Write EBooks From 21 Black Street

The reason you write your eBook will have a big impact on the success of that eBook.  There could be several reasons such as financial gain, promotion of a business, advancing your career, education, self satisfaction or other reasons.  To keep you motivated it is a good idea to write down your reasons.

There are numerous topics you can write about.  It is smart to choose something that you are interested in or have knowledge of.  This is something important to take the time to do it.  Knowing your subject will make it easier to write about.

After you’ve chosen your subject, you’ll need a title for the eBook.  Its worth writing down a few different ones before deciding on the one you’ll use.  This will help to keep your focus and may give you some other ideas.  The title should give a clear indication of the content in your eBook.  A catchy title may help to sell it, but remember to balance this with clarity to keep it in context.

Your audience is decided by the subject and style of your writing.  You must decide who your wanted audience is.  There are several factors for this such as age, gender, culture, social background and education.  Then write to that target market.

A thesis statement is a sentence or two written to clearly show the reason(s) for your eBook and what you expect to write about.  Although this is referred to as a general definition, keep in mind that your actual statement should be as specific as possible.

Since you have your foundation you can start your eBook.  MS Word is an excellent application to use.  You can rewrite your thesis statement as often as you want until it is published.  This furnishes high flexibility. Select your format and layout of your eBook.  Make sure you include chapters, headings and introductions.  To keep the reader’s attention you might want to add photographs or testimonials depending on what your eBook is about.

EBooks are read from a screen;  therefore, you need to break up the text.  Check out other types of fonts and eBooks to see what is best.  It is important to spell check and save your eBook often.  MS Work will auto recovery your document which is excellent should you have a computer crash.  You should back up your eBook and also keep a copy on a CD.  There are a couple of ways to set up your eBook which is either an executive (.exe) or a Portable Document Format (.pdf).

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